Are TV Mounts Considered Fixtures?- Things That You Should Know!

January 30, 2023 5 min read

are tv mounts considered fixtures  

TV mounts are a popular way to securely hold and display televisions in homes and businesses. But when it comes to real estate, there is often a question as to whetherare TV  mounts  considered fixtures or not.

There are six factors that will help you determine when TV mounts are considered fixtures. The determiners are as follows: the level of permanence, the purpose of the mount, the level of alterations, the intended use, the degree of integration with the room, and state laws.

Let's explain every topic in detail to clear all your confusion. So keep scrolling to learn more.

Factors That Consider TV Mounts As Fixtures

is a wall mounted tv considered a fixture

1. Level of Permanence

A fixture is defined as a piece of property that is permanently attached to a building or land and is considered to be a part of the real property. TV mounts can be considered personal property, as they can be easily removed from a building without causing damage.

If your TV mount is screwed or bolted into the wall then it must be considered a fixture, as it would likely cause damage to the wall if removed. 

On the other hand, if your mount simply sits on a stand or is held in place with Velcro then it must be considered personal property, as it could be easily removed without causing damage.

But here you must remember that a TV mount can be considered a fixture but it does not necessarily mean that thewall-mounted TV itself is a fixture. The TV is often considered personal property and can be removed from the mountand taken with the homeowner.

2. Purpose of The Mounts

The second consideration is the purpose of the mount. Permanent mounts are often installed during home construction. It is mainly installed permanently considering the convenience of all occupants and damage to walls due to frequent changes. If it is fitted for permanent purposes, it must be considered a fixture.

However, if it is not permanently installed or the homeowner has added it later for his own convenience, then it is definitely not a fixture.  Then it will be considered personal property.

Usually seen in most cases the TV mount is placed considering the permanent issue. As a result, thetv mounts are considered a fixture.

3. The Level of Alterations

Alternations are also very important for considering TV mounts as fixtures. Usually, TVs require drilling for electrical wiring and mounts. Mounts must be considered fixtures where they are pre-installed on a fixed surface.

But if no such arrangements have been made beforehand and you have to set it up later, it must be treated as personal property.

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4. The Intended Use

Sometimes TV mounts are installed in a specific location for TV use. Usually, these locations are the living room or drawing room and sometimes the bedroom. TV mounts are considered fixtures if they already exist in such locations.

But if they are placed in a different location according to the owner's own desire or need, then it is personal property.

5. The Degree Of Integration With The Room

The important thing while building a house is its design. When designing a living room or bedroom, an architect chooses a specific location for the TV keeping entertainment in mind. The mount is placed in that specific location.

If the tv mount is placed in this way relative to the room, it is considered a fixture. But if the matter is overlooked while building the house and later mounts at his own convenience then it cannot be called a fixture.

6. State Laws

The final factor in determining whether a mount is a fixture or personal property is state law.  There are certain legal procedures before buying or renting a house or apartment.  It states which items in the apartment will be considered personal property and which will be fixtures.

In this case, the best idea is to consult an expert attorney. Because the law is very complex and there can be many differences that are not always possible for an ordinary man to understand. A TV mount will be treated as your state law defines the mount.

What Is Considered A Fixture When Selling A House?

People are often confused about which things are fixtures. But there is a very simple way to ensure this. In this case,MARIA will help you. No no, MARIA is not a girl. It is a short form of a method that can be used to test fixtures very easily. 

The first letter isM, which indicates the method. That is, things that require various tools to be attached to your property are definitely fixtures.

The second word isA, which indicates adaptability. That is something that is permanently attached to your property. In this case, you can think of the toilet as an example.

The wordRindicates a relationship. That can be a buyer-seller or owner-tenant relationship. can be considered. A buyer can expect the seller to include many goods in the sale that are fixtures, which the owner cannot in the case of a tenant.

I basically indicate intention. If the object under consideration is installed on a permanent basis, it is a fixture. And if temporary, personal property.

And the last letterA indicates agreement. It will all depend on the agreement of the two parties as to which will be a fixture and which will not.

Things to consider when selecting a TV mount


what is considered a fixture when selling a house


The mount must be according to the size and height of the TV.  A small-sized mount will never hold a large TV. Also the VSEA pattern of the mount i.e. the depth of the mount slots should match the distance between the TVs.


Make sure your TV is set accurately on the mount.  If the TV is in a shaky position, it can fall and break at any time.  Sometimes even though the mount is the right size, the TV doesn't set up well for a little technical crud.  This should be taken care of.


One important function of the mount is that it allows tilting and swivelling of the TV.  Also adjusts the TV viewing angle for the best experience. This should be confirmed after mounting.

Ease of installation

Mounts are an important factor for wall TVs. So its function should be so simple that anyone can operate it properly.  Complex functions often cause unnecessary trouble.


The TV mount should be made of strong materials such as metal or any other metal that will hold the TV for a long time and will not corrode easily.

Brand reputation

Before purchasing a TV mount one should check the reputation of the brand. Customer reviews and feedback can be ideal in this regard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need an electrician to mount a TV?

It is always a good decision to have the TV mount installed by a qualified electrician.  Because a TV mount has several functions that are not possible for everyone to operate accurately. In this case, an electrician can give you maximum service and set up your equipment properly.

Is it better to mount a TV on the wall? 

It really depends on personal comfort. A TV mount is a great solution for some who have trouble watching TV at low heights. However, many people are used to watching TV at ordinary heights, so a mount is not necessary.

What are common fixtures?

Some common fixtures are wall ovens, dishwashers, chandeliers, sconces, Ceiling fans, Curtain rods, window shades, Towel racks, bookshelves, Smoke detectors, etc.

Final Words

There are several factors you need to understand to learnare TV mounts considered fixtures. But usually, TV mounts are installed permanently, so in most cases, TV mounts are called fixtures.

However, in some cases, the TV mount may also be personal property. So you must check the factors. Hope this article has cleared all your doubts about TV mounts.