Can You Mount A TV On Plywood - Guideline For Hanging TV

February 16, 2023 8 min read

can you mount a tv on plywood

On the wall, mounting the flat-screen tv is a space-saving idea. Recently, you bought a 46" LCD or plasma to mount to a wall. Behind the drywall of this wall, where the Television will be placed, there is plywood. ButCan you mount a TV on plywood?

Yes, you can mount the tv. A flattv can be mounted on drywall or wood paneling made of 3/4" plywood until the wall is not built with steel studs. However, a thin panel restricts where the mounting brackets may be placed, so you'll require strong fasteners to hold everything in place.

After completing this article, you will be able to complete the DIY method of mounting a tv on a wood wall. You'll only need a few things and just by following the given instructions, the tv will be on the wall. So, prepare yourself to watch the movie on a mounted tv next Thursday.

Can You Mount A Tv On Wood Paneling?

Yes, it's possible to install a television on drywall or wood panel until the wall is constructed of steel studs. You have to get all the right tools to follow the instructions for the DIY method of tv mounting. 

Just before hanging your tv make sure you pick the ideal level of wood thickness. For example, if you have to hang a 55" Sony TV on a wall covered in Plywood without any studs, make sure the wood thickness is powerful enough to carry the tv.

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Can You Hang Things On Plywood?

can you hang things on plywood

If the material is thick enough, fasteners linked to solid wood or plywood can ensure excellent holding strength. For this, you have to use powerful fasteners such as toggles, molly bolts, or plastic anchors.

If the wall is made of plywood, you can hang any lightweight pictures to any bulky objects like a tv. Therefore, we suggest using L-shape screws to hang pictures because the heads can easily enter the wood.

On the other hand, suppose you have a flat TV such as a 51" Samsung 51d550, which weighs 22kgs. To mount this heavy object you'll definitely need the proper size screw, proper drilling, and the other instructions since it's bulky and tough to carry on the wood.

Can You Mount A Tv On Plywood - Suitable Or Not?

mounting tv on plywood

You must be conscious of whether the wooden wall can keep the heavy wall tv. So, you ask, "Can plywood be used to hang a TV?" Actually, it's a question that is frequently asked by new homeowners who are decorating their houses.

Basically, in drywall, plywood is usually used behind the plasterboard because it makes a strong wall. However, yes, you can mount the tv on the wall if you can install it properly. 

For your convenience, fasteners, and plywoods are available in many types. Additionally, a few more things you should keep in mind while hanging the tv on the wooden wall. Let's see what we should follow to do the DIY task.

  • The weight of a TV can be supported properly in strong, thick plywood.
  • While using marine plywood, it will be best to mount any bulky object like a TV.
  • Make sure the screw you use should puncture the wood around 1.5 to 2".
  • The fastener holding the TV frame should be drilled through the plywood and into the wall.
  • Using 4 mm plywood to conceal the window 
  • Also, the MS bracket runs across it and is fastened to the wall at both ends.

    How To Mount Tv On Plywood Wall - Learn Diy Method

    how to mount tv on plywood wall

    Mounting any sized flat tv on the wooden wall can be done by following some instructions.  So, before you begin your DIY tv wall mount with plywood, make sure you get the right size screw and drill holes through the panel. 

    Additionally, you should be careful about the location you pick to mount the tv. Since there is a chance of having any electrical cable within the wall. Now, let's talk about the steps to complete hanging the tv on plywood.

    Things You'll Need To Hang Tv

    Just before starting to mount the TV on the wall, gather all the necessary tools first. Without these items, your task will be unsuccessful. So, what you should keep are:

    • Saw for drywall
    • Drilling machine
    • Tv wall mount
    • Stud finder
    • Get lag screw 2 horizontal 2x4 into 3 studs
    • Thick scrap pieces of plywood of 1/2″ to 1″ or  3/4" plywood will be accurate
    • 16 inches OC joists
    • Wood bolts.

      How Does A Plywood Piece Help

      In general, plywood is made of thin plies or layers of wood trim bonded together. However, get a part of plywood on 2 studs to make a strong surface for the hardware mount. So, you can rely on plywood to mount anything. But how does plywood help? Let’s talk about the beneficial facts that have made you mount tv on plywood.

      • Plywood comes in large sizes
      • Can cover a lot of space
      • It's suitable for any curved surfaces
      • The wood is durable enough to keep any objects on the wall
      • It can be treated to prevent fired or to deal with moisture issues
      • It's an eco-friendly wood ideal for tv installation.

        Determine The TV Placement On Plywood

        The first step to mount the tv on your wall will need a location that is suitable. But how to select the right spot? Below we have the easy steps for you.

        1. First, mark the location of your studs with a pencil by using the stud finder.
        2. Then you will require a flat surface for the hardware installation.
        3. Therefore, If the stud is not exactly in the center, place a scrap piece of plywood on 2 of them.
        4. After that, the plywood should be cut into the proper size and fastened into the studs.
        5. In that case, you'll require a drill and long wood screws.

          Size Of The Plywood Piece

          Selecting the right size of wood is what you exactly need in the beginning.  So, if you prefer to know how to reinforce the tv mount, you have to follow the given ideas below.

          1. You can use an ideal piece of plywood that is at least as large as the television's wall plate.
          2. Experts suggest choosing at least 1" larger on all sides than the television mount.
          3. 3/4 inches of plywood is quite impressive and strong enough.
          4. Based on the weight of the TV, you can use single or double-layer type pieces of wood. For instance, a 46" LCD plus mount will weigh at least 70 or 80 lbs., torquing straight through the drywall and plywood. Therefore, you'll probably need to find out some other way to strengthen the wall.
          5. Using the big and right size sheet will also offer excellent support.
          6. Considering 16 inches stud centers and estimating 52"weight by 16"height is great to ensure proper height for strength as well as excellent lapping on side studs. 
          7. Remember, you can hold a lot more than the tv requirements when hanging with three 3 inches on every stud.

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            Choosing The Ideal Size Screw

            Having the ideal size screw can ensure the lifting capacity. So you will need to follow advice such as:

            1. Into your plywood, using lag screws will be ideal. 
            2. You won't have to deal with nuts and bolts.
            3. Simply pilot properly which will be smaller than the length of a bolt shank.
            4. Also, you have to avoid over-tightening the screws.
            5. Make sure the screw sizes are at least 3/8" or 5/16". 

              Get The Mounting Hardware

              Choosing the right hardware will ensure secure fastening and mounting. Therefore, make sure you follow the given instructions.

              1. First, you must measure the tv size.
              2. After that, give importance to plywood backing for tv mount since it is used for uneven walls or whenever the mirror is thin and bad in quality.
              3. Make sure you get the hardware that will take not more than 30 minutes for installation.
              4. Don't overlook the instructions given with the hardware and put it in the plywood's center.
              5. Some users prefer to use commercial VESA mounts to secure the tv.

                Cut Holes With Drywall Saw

                Take your drywall saw and be ready to do the leftover job. For this process, you will have to do steps such as:

                1. You can buy a tv cord kit to organize the cords.
                2. Then, make a tiny hole underneath the tv mount and others within the cabinet.
                3. Make sure all the cords are connected to your closest socket just by using the surge protector power strip.
                4. Every cord will have a different weight attached to it that can be carried through the wall.

                  How Thick Should Plywood Be For Tv Mount?

                  When mounting a TV on the plywood wall, determining the plywood thickness should come first. We advise using 12mm plywood and straight screw mounting brackets to it will be great.

                  If the siding is affixed to the studs through the underlayment and if the wall has a standard stud spacing of 16", according to International Residential Code, 3/8-inch plywood is great. Also, the IRC suggested a minimum plywood thickness level of at least 1/2" when the nails are going through the covering but not the studs.

                  Can You Use Plywood As A Stud?

                  Yes, plywood can be used to cover ceilings and walls as an alternative drywall. If you find the stud is less than 24" or 60cm, You can include the 1/2" or 12 to 13mm thick plywood to mount the tv. Also, the plywood can be fixed in the 3/4" or 18 or 19mm size for additional security.


                  Most of the new house owners become confused about whether they should hang the tv on the wooden wall or not. The Q & A section will let you know more about the DIY tv mounting process with a clear idea.

                  Can you use wood screws to mount a TV?

                  Any television can be mounted on the wall by using wood screws. It can be used to fasten the studs to the plate. But make sure you avoid using wood screws to secure the bracket's other component to the tv.

                  How can I mount a TV to the wall without studs?

                  If you can't drill into a stud, drywall bolts or anchors are a great alternative for mounting a television. Use a hollow wall fastener that represents a conventional screw and has a butterfly toggle at the end. 

                  Are dry walls and wood the same thing when it comes to TV mounting?

                  When mounting a tv, the wood and drywall are not similar things. The drywall is basically a sheet of gypsum board with paper covering and it's made not to support heavy-weight objects. On the other hand, the vertical wooden structure known as wall studs is what drywall is affixed to.

                  Final Words

                  So, what do you think?Can you mount a tv on plywood? Of course, you can do it on wood if you have the half-inch or 3/8-inch thick plywood on the wall. At the end of the text, we can include that you’ll only need the proper tools to mount the tv on a wooden wall. Therefore, choose the right size screw, and mounting hardware and cut holes with the drywall saw. 

                  Just before you start the DIY method of mounting a television, pick a flat surface without any electrical cable behind it for a secure attachment. For more reinforcement, attach strong screws that can hold heavy objects like TV.