Does TV Wall Mount Need To Be Centered - Mount Installation Tips

February 24, 2023 6 min read

does tv wall mount need to be centered

Why do we install the TV wall mount? To secure the flat-screen display of your tv or monitor. But what's the accurate location for the wall mount?Does TV Wall Mount Need To Be Centered? Or do we have to place it in a different way? Everything will be explored in this article.

Our usual job is to mount the TV on the wall so that the display can be positioned to give the best view. Therefore, you should set the TV wall mount on the center point. Then, the width of your mounting holes on the TV and the overall width of the wall plate is basically affixed to the wall. Here, the two major aspects can be adjusted from side to side.

It’s not necessary to have a centered wall mount. So, if you check the upcoming discussion on tv wall mount installation, hope your answer will be clear.

Can You Mount The Tv Off Center?

If you don't know about the proper tv wall placement, you should know that you can mount the TV off-center. It's possible to move the TV around 10" in any direction and the reason is the way it attaches to your mounting plate. However, certain TV mounts do not allow you to center the screen.

Is It Safe To Put The TV Off-Center On The Wall Plate?

tv wall mount off center

Consider placing the 65 inches KS80000 on a mount, but the wall studs are not able to be placed in the desired location. You have even enlarged the mount for studs that are 24" and 16". Now, is it going to be safe to mount the television on a wall plate?

  1. Actually, when you have at least one toggle bolt and one stud, you are safe to put the TV in the center position.
  2. You can include the toggle bolt for 3 points of contact on your left to remove the weariness.
  3. Moving the TV to your left on the mount while moving the mount towards the right for additional safety is a good step.

    How Do You Install A Wall Mount For A Tv?

    For mounting the tv, we need a wall mount to carry the weight. But how do we keep the tv and how to install the wall mount in the wall? Everything will be clear if you check the steps that are given below.

    1. Choose a wall for mounting a tv that is comfortable according to your sitting side plus a location that offers a good view.
    2. Just before you mount the tv on your wall mount, you should avoid dragging cords across the room by fixing the tv next to the outlet.
    3. You’ll possibly need to add the plywood piece for additional security.
    4. Always pick the place where the temperature is below 100 degrees F or 38 degrees C.
    5. Now, get your mounting kit which is compatible with your Flat screen tv, and take the height from the top.
    6. Then, you'll need 2 studs and mark the spot where the tv will go.
    7. The wall mount should be adjusted until it's ideally leveled.
    8. Your next job is to drill the pilot holes where the four screw placements will be on your selected wall.
    9. After that, ensure the mount is in the right position and securely fastened by drilling a lag bolt into every pilot hole.

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      Does TV Wall Mount Need To Be Centered - Facts And Guidelines

      does tv have to be centered on wall mount

      Actually, it's about the way you want to decorate your living space. The centered position is considered the ideal one from any viewable side. So, better if we center the tv mount on the tv wall. 

      But rather than this, Valuing a comfortable furniture placement might become necessary, when you use the living space more for conversation rather than watching television. However, let's talk about the centering process of wall mount and tv so that you can get the best view from any side of your sofa.

      For example, a house owner asked, “can I mount the wall plate offset on 2 studs, to get it centered as much as possible, and then offset the TV on the plate the TV hooks onto? or does the TV have to be centered on the plate it hooks onto?”

      Tools That You Need

      First of all, gather all the tools. You'll probably require:

      • TV Mounting Bracket.
      • Misc Hardware Like Bolts or Screws.
      • Stud Finder.
      • Wall Saw.
      • Bubble Level.
      • Tape Measure.
      • Drill With Bit.
      • Screwdriver whether Flat or Phillips.
      • Socket Wrench.
      • Hammer.
      • Pencil.

        How To Center Wall Mount And TV - 10 Common Facts

        how to center tv mount over fireplace

        Actually, it's about how you want to decorate the living space. Usually, the centered placement is regarded as the optimum from any viewable side. Thus, we will learn some facts about how we should center the tv mount on your wall.

        If the room is used especially for conversation rather than watching the screen, you should represent a proper couch setup. But if you prefer both, then the centering process of wall mount and tv can give you the best view from any side of your sofa.

        For example, a house owner asked, "Can I place the wall plate offset on two studs, to have it centered and then offset the TV on the plate where the tv hooks onto? Or does the tv have to be centered on the plate it connects into?" Based on the requirements of most house owners' wall mounting trouble, we have decided to share some facts you should maintain.

        1. Depending on the size of your screen, brackets need to be adjustable that can allow you to center the tv on a selected wall. 
        2. By having standard stud spacing 16 inches in the center, the stud closest to the center can be no over 8 inches from the wall center.
        3. The TV can be moved one or two inches in any direction in mounting. It's potentially situated between the window and the doorway. However, the left side of your bracket should be located behind the screen when you mount the bracket.
        4. We always recommend using the stud finder to identify the studs but some of the television mounting job professionals use an ice pick to determine the side of your bracket.
        5. When you pull it from the wall and articulate your screen 45 degrees, your tv will bow down to the far position from the picked wall.
        6. You can also rotate the panel to level it and the mount can be adjusted ideally.
        7. Articulating mount is something that integrates 3 functions such as tilting, panning, and swiveling.
        8. Braced the three studs with ply, MDF and melamine can help to mount as well. 
        9. Alternatively, remove the gyprock and install bracing on your wall.
        10. When you have four lag bolts into 2 studs, you are completely safe!

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          Things You Should Consider While Placing TV Wall Mount

          Just before you mount the flat-screen tv on your wall, placing the wall mount is what you should do first. Additionally, you should avoid a few things while attaching a tv mount. 

          1. Never place the tv at an unsuitable angle.
          2. You should not put the tv above the fireplace.
          3. Lifting the tv at your eye level or lower will not be a bad settlement.
          4. Check the distance between the couch and the TV.
          5. Keeping the TV close or getting a large tv screen will be much more comfortable.
          6. Most stands are similar in height, and if it's a little bit large or small, you can be good to go.
          7. Before installing the TV wall mount, you should always check the reflection and lighting in your room.


            Utilizing the wall mount location should be centered but some of us follow different rules. Therefore, you can check out the Q&A section.

            Can you hang a tv mount sideways?

            Yes, any LED or LCD TV can be lifted on the side or even side by side with other televisions. So, this mount can move off-center to the right or left.

            How do you mount a TV when studs aren't centered?

            We suggest utilizing the best idea to attach a TV can be by using the hollow wall anchors with a butterfly toggle. In order to make a solid base for the hardware mount, put a piece of lumber or plywood on 2 studs.

            Should a TV slide left to right on a wall mount?

            The majority of tilt or flat mounts can let it move from left to right. And in the matter of bigger ones, it's possible for a foot or more movement.

            How to center tv mount over fireplace?

            Any mounting system needs to be secure to any wall stud if the space over your fireplace is constructed of drywall. However, you should consider installing and positioning the TV in a corner where the perpendicular and fireplace walls get together.

            Final Section

            Basically, using tv mount in the center is not a hard and fast rule. So, since house owners asked, “Does TV wall mount need to be centered or not, the answer will be it’s your choice to place your tv mount according to your need. But we highly suggest keeping the wall mount and tv off-centered to have the best viewable mode.

            However, if anyone have decided to attempt the proper placement of your tv wall mount, take a look at the installation method. Plus, don’t overlook the facts and considerations we shared related to the tv wall mount studs not centered properly.