How Much Weight Can A Tv Mount Hold

February 02, 2023 6 min read

how much weight can a tv mount hold


To know, "how much weight can a Tv mount can hold!" is important for safety purposes. It is not always true that the bigger mount can hold heavier weight.

As a standard form, VESA has a code that helps you to determine which mount you need. But in case of brands out of the VESA standards, you need to determine the weight of the Tv and determine the material of the mount. 

In this post, we tried to explain to you how the weight of the Tv can affect the choice of mount. Also, you will know the pointers you need to remember while mounting a Tv. 

Will The Tv Mount Can Hold The Tv Weight - Here Is How To Know

how much weight can a tv wall mount hold

Holding the weight of the tv by the mount is important to ensure the safety of the tv and yourself. How much weight the mount can hold depends on some factors. Here are some pointers. 

Size And Weight Of The Tv

The size and the weight of the TV go hand in hand. There was a time when the weight of the TV wasn't proportionate to their size. Even the small ones were quite heavier.

With the evolution of technology, people now prefer to have Slim TV. Smart TVs are getting slimmer by the day. Even though the weight of the TV compared to the past has gone down, still they can be heavier according to their size. 

Thus you need to be careful about choosing the mount. Sometimes the TV comes with a manual which tells what type of mount will fit the best. Even if it doesn't you can contact the customer service to get the info.

VESA Compatibility

Nowadays most of the highest standard brands of TVs follow the compatibility of VESA (Video Electronic Standard Association). VESA has a standard code that allows you to understand which type of TV mounting you will be needing. 

VESA 200 is compatible with 32-inch Tv screens, VESA 400 goes with 60 inch Tv, VESA 600 × 400 is compatible with 70-inch to 84-inch and many more. 

If the company you are using doesn't have a VESA code then you can compare them with the companies under VESA. This will at least give you a rough idea about the weight of your TV and the mount you need to choose.  

This is why we always suggest buying branded companies under VESA. It helps you to secure your Tv mounting. Along with the VESA code you not only can determine the right mount but also other hardware you might need.

Material And Quality Of The Mount

The material that the Mount is formed of plays a vital role in determining how much weight it can hold. Mainly the Mount is made of metal. 

It is often a misunderstanding that the steel mount is better than the aluminum mount. But that is not the case. Mainly the aluminum Mount is lightweight and can carry heavier Tv. Being lightweight, it reduces the pressure on the wall. 

Therefore if you are looking for a mount to attach to a false wall, aluminum is preferable for heavy weighted Tvs. But this doesn’t mean that the steel mount is not good. 

If you are going for a permanent setting, especially in a plaster wall you can have a steel mount. They are less costly than aluminum and still have enough strength to hold the heavy weighted Tvs.  

Wall You Are Mounting Your Tv On

Tv wall can be on the false wall or on the real wall. Depending on the type of wall, the weight that your mount can exist itself and hold the weight of the TV can vary. 

The wall you are mounting the TV holds the weight of the TV, the mounting bracket, and all the other hardware that has been used. Therefore it is very important to identify if the wall you are trying to hang the TV on has the capacity to hold all the possible weights.

During the installation of the wall, you can read the manual and know how much weight it can hold. The process is very convenient in the case of plaster walls. 

The strength of holding bolts by the plaster wall is more significant than any kind of false wall. In that case, you just need to ensure that you are using the right lag bolts and other hardware in the proper size. 

How To Choose Tv Mount

how to choose the right tv mount

Choosing the right Tv mount is necessary to hold onto the weight of the Tv. Here are three stages of choosing the Tv mount. 

Stage 1: Check The Strength Of Your Wall

The wall you are planning to install the TV Mount on needs to be strong enough to hold onto the weight of the Tv and the mount itself. Most of the TV Mount needs to be installed with screws and bolts. Therefore your wall must have the ability to get drilled. 

In some cases, you might need the TV Mount from the ceiling or create a stand in front of the wall from the ground. The TV Mount you choose must have adaptability.

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Stage 2: Check The Specs

The TV and TV Mount have specifications. You need to go through the specifications. In the manual of the mount, you will be able to know which mount can hold which Tv. This will be termed as "Tv mount weight limit".

Just because one mount can hold onto one Tv, doesn’t mean it will do the same for other brands of the same size. Thus it is very important to take a look at the specification of the TV and the TV mount. The categorization by VESA will help you to determine the one for your Tv. 

Stage 3: Choose The Right Type Of Mount

There are 2 types of mount. One is fixed and the other is flexible. In the flexible one, you will get several types, like tilting, swiveling, and full motion. 

Depending on the location of the mounting, you will need to choose the type of mount. If you want to watch the Tv from different angles then a flexible mount is a better option. On the other hand, if you want to place the Tv centrally then a fixed mount is the best option.

If you have a small living space with a large Tv screen then also the fixed mount is the way to go. 

With these three stages, you can choose the right mount for your Tv. This will also ensure safety.

Things To Remember While Mounting Wall In The Tv

tv wall mount weight limit

To ensure the safety of wall mounting you need to remember some pointers. Take a read of the following pointers.

Choose The Right Tools

For mounting the bracket, it is also important to choose the right tools. Sometimes the tools are provided by the mount toolbox. You can also choose the right lag bolt from the VESA code. The tools can be bought from the nearest hardware store. 

Choose The Right Place

Choosing the right place to mount the Tv on the wall is very important. Especially if you are placing it over the fireplace you need to be careful about the heat and the smoke. 

The fireplace must have enough protection to resist the radiation of the heat towards the Tv. Also, the gas from the fireplace can also do harm to the Tv. 

Similarly, placing Tv between windows or in front of windows can cause similar harm. Thus you need to choose the right and safe place.

Choose The Right Angle 

To get the balance of the Tv on the Tv mount, the angle placement is very important. Depending on the angle of the Tv, the strength of the mounting can vary. For heavy weighted Tv try to have a rigid mount. 


Do TV mounts have a weight limit?

Television size and weight remain linked with each other. The bigger the television, the heavier it is. Mounts will have the greatest weight rating, as well as a scope of VESA guidelines that are viable. However long your screen falls inside the assigned rules, the mount ought to effortlessly hold the heaviness of your television.

Will a TV fall off the wall mount?

Regardless of whether you have the right fittings and legitimate mount, in the event that you don't introduce it appropriately, your TV gets an opportunity of tumbling crazy. Appropriate establishment is one more fundamental piece of the riddle of wall mounting.

Is it better to wall mount a TV or put it on a stand?

Television mounts are most certainly the most ideal decision in the event that you have little kids, assuming that you are squeezed for space, on the off chance that you don't require additional capacity (like for a room TV), assuming you need a complete opportunity for the position of your television, or on the other hand assuming you need numerous viewing points.

Final Words

When it comes to balancing the Tv on the wall mount, the first concern is to know, "how much weight can a Tv mount hold!". This gives you an idea of the strength of the mount and helps you to choose which mount you will be needing. 

In this post, we tried to keep things simple. You can get an idea of how the weight of the Tv can affect the mounting. The best thing to do is read the manual of both Tv and the Mount.