How to Fix TV Mount Holes: Wall Holes Cleaning Guidelines

March 18, 2023 8 min read

how to fix tv mount holes

Why do we make holes in the wall to mount a TV? We do it to avoid any serious wall damage. But what if you need to fill or cover the holes?How to fix tv mount holes?Do we really know what exact steps we should follow to remove the holes? Everything will be guided in this entire article.

We frequently discovered that little nails or screw holes are simple to fix, but the larger ones necessitate further effort.However, clean everything before using spackle or wall joint compound to fix the holes. And then let it dry before gently sanding. Additionally, plaster or drywall can play a good role as an alternative choice for fixing those annoying, unavoidable spaces or holes.

Actually, plenty of options are available to conceal the wall-mount holes. So, going through the article will give a more clear view of this topic.

Do TV Wall Mounts Leave Big Holes?

how to fix wall anchor holes that are too big

People frequently consider that rather than any tiny holes, TV wall mounts typically leave only large holes. You can consider this a myth! Then, how big are the holes while mounting the TV?

We normally utilize lag bolts that only leave 1/4-inch or smaller holes. Seeing any holes or spots on the wall seems unclean. Hence, once the tenant decides to leave the house, the landowner requests that they fill the holes that were generated on their wall when they mounted a television.

Are TV Mounting Holes Centered?

Most of the time, we discovered the mounting holes are centered, as this offers the best view angle from any side of your room. For the TV's ability to slide left or right on the rails, you essentially get some wiggle space or room. On the other hand, height is impacted by a small variation in the hole's vertical location.

Basically, a four-hole interface is used for attaching the TV, and the screws that are put into the holes are specified by the VESA standard. As a result, we think that an off-center position is best!

Are All TV Mounting Holes The Same?

According to the VESA pattern, we discovered that the majority of TVs have 4 mounting holes on the rear side. Meanwhile, not every mount will be compatible with every flat-screen TV, and the mount should match the hole pattern on the rear.

How to Fix TV Mount Holes: Filling Small to Large Holes

how to fix holes in wall from tv mount

So, here comes the main section! Suppose the present TV is a Samsung 65" model MU8000 and you have to replace it with a 65" LG CX series. In comparison with Samsung, the LG's mounting holes on your back are lower. So if you reuse a similar wall mount, the LG will be a little higher.

Or maybe you are leaving the apartment, but the wall has some old TV mount spots that need to be covered. Now,  how to patch tv mount holes? All the necessary details will be shared in the next section by following a step-by-step process to fix the holes in the wall.

Get All The Tools

Before starting the patching process, you must gather some necessary items. Then, your job will be much easier to fix the holes.

  • Latex gloves
  • Pencil
  • Joint compound, wood putty, or spackle
  • Paintable caulk
  • Caulking gun
  • A power drill and a 1/8" drill bit.
  • Masking tape and painter’s tape
  • Sandpaper and a drywall knife
  • Plastic wood and wood filler
  • Tape measure
  • Phillips screwdriver bit or cordless screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Nail settlement tools.

    Set A Plan

    First, make a note of the place where the threaded inserts are located. Using a tape measure, determine the center or core part in between every set of holes. Once you have the measurements, take them to a piece of paper and draw a line connecting the dots.

    Get the Ideal Materials

    It is critical to select the ideal filler that is compatible with the TV mount holes. You can apply silicone caulk for temporary covering for holes until you repaint or patch the apartment walls.

    On the other hand, wood putty plays a vital role, almost similar to drywall mud. However, it dries rapidly and does not shrink or break over time. So, we strongly suggest epoxy since it lasts longer than any other solution.

    Measure The New Holes Size

    Take the measurement and make the necessary adjustments. Check the screws to find the accurate one that fits your TV mount through the hole on the rear side. While doing so, marking with the pencil on the paper copy is another crucial task.

    You will also have to take another measurement to ensure the new holes are in the correct location and accurately sized. When you're ready to start drilling, set the power drill to the slowest setting and gradually drill into the ceiling until you find the stud. After that, change the bit size according to the new fittings.

    A 1/8" drill bit would be ideal for making a pilot hole at every point and don't forget to align the holes with threaded inserts. Plus, the last hole should be somewhat larger.

    Remove the Existing Holes

    So, it's time to clean and fix the old TV holes you dug. Get the cordless screwdriver and Phillips head screwdriver bit. Begin by unscrewing the back. Then, release the threaded inserts with the screwdriver and use your hand to pull the loose inserts out.

    Conceal the Holes

    There are a lot of dirty old spots on the wall, right? How to fill holes in wall from TV mount now? To start filling holes, use a hammer and nail setter tool to drive any leftover nails below the surface. If it's a tiny hole, then you can follow the steps such as:

    • Fill the wall hole with your hand and the spackle. We suggest repairing the wall with an oil-based stain.
    • Then, use a putty knife to flatten the surface of the wall.
    • When it's totally dried out, sand it with a sheet of 120-grit sandpaper.
    • For more sophisticated results, use a tacky wet cloth to wipe off the wall before sanding.
    • The entire task will not take more than ten to fifteen minutes.

      But what if you have large holes in the drywall? Don't you think it requires some extra effort? Even if it takes extra work, you'll successfully cover the mount holes by following the given steps.

      • Keep in mind that joint compounds are highly recommended when you have large holes.
      • We usually employ a drywall repair kit to fill all the empty gaps.
      • You can use the patch that works as an adhesive fiberglass mesh. It will be cut out with suitable scissors and bigger than the holes in your wall.
      • Next, get your putty knife, make a crisscross design, and apply spackle or joint compound. As an alternative to a putty knife, an old credit card, reward card, or library card will play the role of smoothing the wall.
      • White toothpaste can be another good alternative that leaves the residence minty fresh.
      • While fixing the holes, make sure you allot extra drying time, such as 24 hours or 1 day.

        Attach The New Mount To The Wall

        how to attach a tv to a wall

        Following the directions, attach the new mount to your TV model by making accurate holes on the back. A straight line with a level before marking the four holes with a pencil is a mandatory task. Then, drill the pilot holes and insert the lag bolts to secure the TV.

        Caulk Any Gaps

        So, it's time to caulk each and every gap between the TV and the mount after installing the new mount. We do it to make a watertight seal and to drive moisture out. However, you should follow the given steps below!

        • Put a tube of caulk into the caulking gun and remove the tip.
        • After that, use a layer of caulk around the edge of your TV mount.
        • Use your finger to smooth the caulk and ensure a covered surface without any holes or gaps.
        • And end the task by allowing the caulk to dry for 1 day before the new installation.

          6 Important Notes While Fixing the TV Mount Holes

          We have some important notes for the people who are attempting to fix and attach a new TV mount.

          1. While drilling pilot holes, avoid damaging any wires that are hidden behind the wall.
          2. Don't forget to employ a drill, cordless screwdrivers, and proper-sized screws to connect the cables.
          3. When repairing tv mount holes, use a level to install the bracket to your apartment wall.
          4. Avoid placing the TV in an excessively high location since eye level is ideal to alleviate neck pain.
          5. Although there is a chance of the TV collapsing, your attached screws must be long enough to pass through the thickness of your wall and into the studs.
          6. If you find the TV models are similar, you can reuse the TV mount holes.

            How Much Does It Cost to Fix TV Mount Holes?

            When you have holes in the brick, you can fill them with similar-colored caulk or brick dust. However, you should expect to pay $50–75 for each hole or per square foot for drywall repair. Oftentimes, we noticed the landowner charged around $10 to $300 for the spots or holes made for attaching a TV or other objects.

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            Taking the point of view of the reader is what we initially give importance to. Therefore, we have a Q&A section related to TV mount holes. We hope it will share more information about who was searching to fix the mounting holes in the wall.

            Can I Use Plaster to Fill Holes?

            Yes, any large holes can be filled with plaster, which is also considered the most economical method of fixing the holes. You can use multi-finish or patching plaster to fix the wall. But commonly, we use jointing compounds as they help to dry out quickly.

            How do I fix wall anchor holes that are too big?

            You can use any liquid glue that we use on wood to fill the hole. Put the screw through the patched hole after snapping off the toothpick ends to make them flush with the surface.

            How do you use toothpaste to fill screw holes in a wall?

            For any kind of wall hole, toothpaste can be a fantastic alternative. As a result, you should choose a toothpaste that is similar to the wall color. Then, squeeze some paste into the wall hole and scrape some extra off with the putty knife or with the card.

            How do you fix a medium-sized hole?

            When you have medium-sized holes in the wall, make sure you follow the necessary steps:

            1. Clean the dirt and debris from the wall.
            2. Cut off the drywall patch and score the back.
            3. Snap the gypsum and trace it around.
            4. Then, apply the gypsum and joint compound to the patch.
            5. And properly smooth the wall with the putty or joint compound you used.

              Is there a way to mount a TV without drilling holes?

              Yes, there are a lot of alternative ideas for mounting the TV without making any holes. You can follow the given ideas, such as:

              1. Floor TV stand
              2. Media Cabinet
              3. Ceiling TV mount
              4. No-stud mount
              5. Brick clamps
              6. Adhesives or adhesive screws
              7. Double-sided tape.

                Final Words

                When you have TV mount holes in the wall, do you understandhow to fix TV mount holes like a professional after reading the article? Set a plan, apply spackle, and smooth the surface with a putty knife. Plus, don’t miss out on any of the tools, especially drill bits and ideal-size screws for proper fixing of mount holes.

                If you search for any other alternatives, any type of TV mount, TV stand, cabinet, adhesive, or tape will play the same role instead of making holes. On the other hand, make sure you follow the additional tips, like not damaging the cable behind while drilling and keeping the mount at eye level. We hope this article has given a complete guideline for covering the holes in the wall.