How To Mount A TV In A Dorm Room: A Complete Mount Installation Guideline

March 13, 2023 10 min read

 how to mount a tv in a dorm room

Who doesn't love to relax by watching TV in a large dorm room with several beds? But, because of the limited space, you must choose compact and unobstructed flat panel floor mounts or other secured solutions while decorating the dorm room to keep the boring mood away.

But before that, do we know how to mount a TV in a dorm room? For installation, find 4 threaded inserts, use the bracket, include some screws and washers, lift the set over the bar and onto the mount, and arrange the mount for getting the ideal viewing angle in your sleeping room.

So, dive into this article for a proper guideline for dorm room flat panel mount ideas and the attachment process. And the ideas on the TV mount in the dormitory room will be based on the policy that you must maintain. So, let's get inside the article for more information.

Can You Put A TV In A Dorm Room?

can you put a tv in a dorm room

People often found some restrictions while mounting a TV in their dorm room, but they didn't know that with an external QAM tuner or cable box, they could put a TV in their room. On the other hand, most institutions are against TV installation due to housing rules on dorm room walls.

Generally, schools or colleges don't allow drilling holes or nailing to the walls. According to Dorm Regulations, you are responsible for any kind of damage or loss to the institution in the dorm room or apartment.

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What Items Are Not Allowed in Dorm Rooms?

Suppose you have decided to decorate your dorm room wall with a flat-screen TV. But are you really allowed to do this? Actually, dorm students have to follow the regulations and standards for dorm life, which involve the prohibition of certain objects that you should avoid keeping in the room.

  • Drilling holes
  • Container of alcohol
  • Pets or animals
  • Cigarettes
  • Drugs
  • Large refrigerator
  • Illegal weapons
  • Candles
  • Fire alarm
  • Cooking appliances.

A lot of items are not permitted inside the dorm room. So make sure you avoid all those things as well. We hope you get notified that, while mounting the TV, you are not allowed to make any damage to the wall and that drilling is not permitted. Therefore, you should find alternatives that won't damage the property of your dorm room when putting a TV there.

What Size TV Fits In A Dorm Room?

dorm room tv mount

We discovered that the standard size of a TV in a dorm room ranges from 19" to 32". Also, the 32" LED TV is an ideal pick for any dorm room, guest room, or studio apartment. If the room has enough space, a 24" to 42" TV with a viewing distance of 4 to 6 feet can be right as well. But you must first get permission from the authority.

On the other hand, if you ask, "Is it possible to mount a 36-inch TV to my dorm wall?" The reply will be, 'SURELY' you can attach the TV, but you should look for a no-stud TV wall mount since it might damage the wall. Alternatively, you can just mount a monitor or fix a laptop near the wall.

Where To Put A TV In A Dorm Room?

dorm room tv mount ideas 

We found you searching for dorm room TV mount ideas, right? So, we have gathered some excellent ideas for you! If you are endeavoring to put your TV in the dorm room, make sure you fix it in a location that can offer you the best view from any side. However, you can follow the given ideas.

  • Set the TV in a cabinet or drawer
  • Get a TV stand
  • Employ an adjustable TV stand
  • Use no drill mount
  • Fix the TV on top of the table
  • Attach the LCD to the wood.
  • Things To Know Before Mounting A TV In A Dorm Room

Nowadays, most youngsters watch TV on their laptops whenever they get time. But some of them prefer to have a TV in their dorm room. But do we know we should consider a few facts while putting a TV in the dormitory room? Let's go through the steps you should follow when putting on a TV.

Cord Concealing

When placing a TV on the wall, visible cords always look messy. Plus, this is a hassle to personalize the dorm room with your cable covers, cord clips, cable wraps, and cord channel. As a result, you must conceal all the cables that extend while mounting the TV.

Cord Covers

How about using cord covers? You can conceal the tangle of cords that is distracting you from watching movies during the holiday. Simply lay the wires across the base and lock the lid closed. According to the manual instructions, you will need some screws.

Another additional beneficial fact is that the neutral color will match the color of your wall. Or if not, feel free to cover it with latex paint to conceal the presence of unavoidable wires.

Cord Clips

Cable clips are another lifesaver that you can use to snake the wires around to the surge protector. It will help to keep the wires organized and prevent them from becoming tangled.

Cable Wraps

When you have your own apartment, setting up your dorm room TV is completely fine. But what if it's a college dorm room? In that case, you have to be careful not to damage the wall.

Actually, having too many wires near the TV can be covered by employing the cable wrap to combine the tangled wires into a manageable line. And use the cover or clip to make it seem neat and clean behind the TV.

Cord Channels

To keep the cable arranged, installing self-adhesive and impact-resistant cord channels can be a big solution. All you have to do is remove the adhesive backing from the channel and attach the cable to your dashboard by passing it through the cord channel. And make sure you cut off the excessive length.

On the other hand, you don't have to paint because you have neutral tones. Plus, the channel will shield the cables from damage and you from shock. Therefore, make sure you consider these facts while installing a TV on the wall of the dorm room.

Almost a decade ago, it was against the rules to drill holes in the walls, but plenty of people found ideas to do it anyhow. At that time, we used to have screens, projectors, or a 5.1 sound system.

Existing Ports

The TV has different ports, and you should pick the location where the power outlets are. But the long distance of the power outlet will call for multiplugs and additional wires, which is not safe at all. Most likely, you will need:

  • A High Definition Media Input (HDMI) port.
  • optical digital
  • Coaxial digital
  • RCA stereo 
  • USB, VGA, DVI, and Ethernet ports.

Viewing Angles

What is the perfect viewing angle for the TV in the dorm room? It's basically at eye level. So, instead of choosing the wrong angle and feeling uncomfortable with neck pain, you can first place the couch or bed at various angles to understand the best view.

Though we found eye level or distancing a place from where you can directly look at the screen is ideal, you should choose the distance that is comfortable for you. Assuming you have a 32-inch TV and in that condition, you'll need a 64" distance as ideal.

  • When watching from the side, LCD VA TV looks dull and white, but watching directly will ensure the black level is pleasing and the contrast ratios will be much better than IPS.
  • Watching from different angles can be satisfying when you have an LCD IPS with gentle color quality.
  • Additionally, plasma and OLED TVs can generate a different level of their own light.

TV and Stand Size

You should also get the ideal-sized TV that is compatible with the carrier you choose. If you really need to understand the ideal size of the tv and stand, make sure you check out the chart below.

TV Size

TV Stand Size (Length)

34 to 38”


39 to 43”


44 to 48”


49 to 53”


54 to 58”


59 to 63”


70 to 73”


TV larger than 70”

Longer than 70”

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Understand The Purpose Of Mounting TV

Before you buy a TV stand and TV, you should also consider the purpose of installing TV in your dorm room. For example, if it's your personal dorm room, you can fix the TV for gaming, streaming, karaoke, YouTubing, or other purposes. But when it comes to the fact that the college has dormitories, you won't be allowed to do so.

Location for Components

Choosing the right spot is an important step we should follow while mounting TV in the dormitory. Therefore, we have some good ideas or spots, such as

  • Drawer or cabinet
  • TV stand
  • Wood
  • Adjustable TV stand
  • No drill mount.

How To Mount A TV In A Dorm Room: 4 Mounting Ideas To Try

how to mount tv in dorm room

The majority of dorm room walls are not appropriate and permitted for putting the TV. The rooms are small, and almost all of us get restrictions for possible damage or noise. So, you cannot drill out the wall. However, we have some excellent ideas and proper TV mounting facts below that you should follow.

Set The TV In A Cabinet or Drawer

Drilling is totally prohibited, and the space is small in the dorm room. No, what should I use for mounting the TV? What can be a location-friendly idea for keeping the TV for entertainment?

After long research on the internet and going through a lot of forum sites, leave some ideas about where a cabinet or drawer is found to be the best location to fix the TV in the dorm in college. Placing your TV on top of the cabinet will free up space for other items such as bags, shoes, clothing, and more.

You can buy a medium-sized TV rather than a large one. All you need to do is clear some space on the cabinet based on the size of your TV screen. However, when using the cabinet, ensure that the TV has enough space to escape the heat in order to perform properly.

Employ an Adjustable TV Stand

The dorm room regulation says you cannot drill into the wall and any damage you make will trigger you as the spoiler or responsible person for having the losses in the room. Therefore, we have a great idea of where you'll have to get a stand-alone table or TV stand. Using a portable TV stand is basically hired to keep the TV without drilling.

TV stands not only support weight but also provide flexibility, consistency, and convenience of installation. In addition, you can add the anti-tip straps underneath the TV while employing the mobile or adjustable stand to watch TV in a little space like a dormitory room.

Use No Drill Mount

The rule of thumb is that you cannot drill the wall in your dorm room. So, there is another option that we call a "no-drill wall mount." Standing table mounts with no drills are easy ways to keep the TV in a college dorm room, and there should be no restrictions.

But where can we keep the other items, such as consoles, routers, CDs, DVDs, or other components? You can get a low-cost storage box for this purpose. Additionally, you can choose between enormous brackets that cover the entire wall and thin strips that are almost invisible.

Attach The LCD To The Wood

Wood can be a phenomenal companion for mounting the TV without causing any damage to the wall. All you have to do is attach your LCD screen to the wood, then lean the wood against the wall of your room. After that, secure the top of your board with wire and 3M adhesive strips. It will ensure the majority of the weight of the board, and the strips will keep the timber leaning modestly toward the wall.

How To Hang A TV In A Dorm Room: 7 Mounting TV Steps

Actually, hanging a TV is not essential in the dorm room. For example, there is a chance that a roommate needs a quiet space to study. But if you watch TV in front of them, they might feel bothered. So, mounting TV is considered more of a liability than a benefit.

Yet, viewing TV is a social activity, so students should have access to it as an entertainment section when they have free time. That's why we have taken the TV installation in the dorm room positively. Now, let's see how you should keep the TV in such a room.

  1. Check the back side of the TV and look for four threaded attachments.
  2. Then, set the bracket for the TV mount in place over the holes.
  3. Now, put four of the Phillips or Allen screws and washers, and make sure not to overtighten the screws.
  4. After that, take the set and place it over the floor mount's bar.
  5. It is much better if you have someone to assist you.
  6. You should properly tighten the screws at the base of the bracket to avoid any unintended lateral movement and to secure the brackets to the attachment bar.
  7. And put the floor mount in the desired place or set the TV at the ideal viewing angle. Done!

If you prefer the alternative way of placing your furniture, you can loft your beds and place a futon under one loft and the TV on the stand under the other. You can bring some foldable camp chairs to enjoy any game together. But make sure you have permission to mount your TV.


Whether it's your college dorm room or your personal room, installing a TV will need some of the prohibitions that we have maintained above. However, you can also check the most frequently asked questions for more clear answers to your questions related to the dorm room and TV attachment.

Can you mount a TV in a college dorm?

Most colleges have a housing policy that prohibits mounting televisions on dorm room walls with brackets. So, you can use a TV stand, cabinet, or any other attachment to put the TV without causing any damage to the wall.

Can you drill holes in the college dorm?

No, students are not allowed to drill any nails or holes into the walls. Therefore, you can use adhesive hooks or other attachments to mount any object.

Is a 32-inch TV too big for a dorm?

No, the maximum limit of TV size is considered 32 inches for a dorm room. So, you can mount a 32-inch smart TV or even larger when you have a large space or if there is no roommate in the room.

Would I be able to fit a 40-inch TV in my dorm room at UCLA?

Yes, a 40-inch smart TV can be installed at UCLA, but only if there is adequate room in the dormitory. Basically, the TV mounting depends on a number of factors, such as the TV's size, design, viewing distance, or individual preferences.

Final Words

We hope you understand the dormitory rules and regulations in the institutions and even in your personal dorm room. So, did you learnhow to mount TV in a dorm room? You'll only need 4 threaded inserts, brackets, screws, and washers, and you'll need to arrange the mount to fix your TV at the best angle.

On the other hand, a cabinet or drawer, portable TV stand, wood or no drill mount can keep the tv in your restricted room in the college. And don’t worry about the policies, as getting permission is just what you need to install a TV in the dorm room. Anyway, don’t forget to watch TV in the dorm room whenever you get only free time rather than wasting study time.