How To Mount A TV Inside A Cabinet - TV Mounting Guideline

February 18, 2023 7 min read


how to mount a tv inside a cabinet

A cabinet is a beautiful modest space where you can place the TV. The section is referred to as a media cabinet, entertainment, or TV unit. But do we know how to mount a TV inside a cabinet? If not, then this article is specially developed for you!

So, you have to give importance to the depth plus height of your new set with a mounting base attached while fixing it. Then, use the 4" zip ties, and secure the wires that are running into the tv slot. And insert the replacement set at a 30 ° angle to contact the input jacks.

Nowadays, in the dining space, mounting the tv inside the existing cabinet is a popular idea. However, you have to go through the next section for the easy steps of hiding the tv inside the cabinet.

Can A Tv Be Mounted In A Cabinet?

cabinet with tv mount

Yes, the under-cabinet television mount is possible. In general, inbuilt cabinet mounts are made to fasten the tv to cabinets direct. So, you won't have to worry about on-wall wiring or installation.

Anyway, you can also utilize the VESA mounting holes just behind the television's back. In this process, you can also use 2 small or 1 large strip to keep the ventilation. 

How Deep Should A Tv Cabinet Be?

In most cases, smaller TV stands can range in depth from 14" and more around 20-24". Also, the general rule of thumb is that the media cabinet should be between 20 to 24" deep so that you can store the tv accessories, tv box, or play station inside of the cabinet. 

Additionally, a 36 inches height can be a decent base. If you look for a kitchen cabinet with deep upper cabinets, check the size which should be around 12 to 58 inches.

For example, the cabinet must have a minimum of 7 inches in depth to fit the tv. Therefore, you have to give importance to some facts such as:

  • What is the size of the screen we have?
  • How far do you want the TV to be capable to swivel?
  • Check the center of gravity since it shifts after you entirely extend the television.
  • Also, you have to check the cabinet whether stays upright or not. 

    How High Should Tv Cabinet Be?

    how high tv cabinet

    Understanding the ideal height is quite necessary while mounting the tv inside the cabinet. Therefore, you have to make sure the center of the screen is at or slightly below eye level. Also, you should measure the distance from the floor to the average line sight. And then you have to minus half of the tv's height.

    Between the edge of the TV and TV stand, allowing 3" is quite fine. Additionally, the height of the chair or sofa will also have a great impact on where you sit.

    For instance, if you ask, "How high should a TV cabinet be for a 65-inch TV?" Well, the 65 inches tv mount indicates the tv installation where 25" from the floor and bottom. And make sure you calculated it from corner to corner.

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    Should Tv Cabinet Be Bigger Than Tv?

    Televisions are commonly measured diagonally, while TV controllers are detected horizontally. Therefore, while selecting the console, you must have to take the width of the screen into the account.

    In general, the console you choose should be at least a few inches larger than your flat screen tv. We noticed the media or entertainment unit measures 60" and more in height to fix the tv inside the cabinet. Where the depth of the TV container should be 22" or more.

    What Can I Use As A Tv Cabinet?

    what can i use as a tv cabinet

    So many ideas to hide the tv inside a cabinet. But if it's about hanging the tv inside the cabinet, we have some amazing ideas and tips waiting below.

      For example, you can hang the 52" LCD in the cabinet rather than using the stand. Additionally, use the trim to make an appearance like built-in.

      To complete the task, you have to cut the piece of 3/4 inches of wood to the width and height of the TV hole and install it to the top and bottom of your cabinet. And make sure you have four L brackets to make the plywood wall from where you can hold the mount from.

      How Do You Mount A Tv On A Wall Cabinet?

      First of all, you have to make a tv cabinet to mount the tv on the wall. Suppose, you are trying to mount the tv inside the cabinet on the side wall of your cabinet. Or, maybe the purpose is to attach a 15-pound entertainment television to the side of an MDF cabinet.

      So, how do you fix it inside the cabinet? Or what are the things you'll need to mount the tv in an entertainment center? Let's check out the below to get the answer.

      • Assistant
      • Flat-paneling mount
      • Drill machine
      • 3/16” drill bit
      • Stud finder
      • Allen key
      • Level
      • Socket wrench.

          TV Installation Inside Cabinet And Side Wall

          tv wall cabinet ideas

          Here comes the main part of this article. While mounting the tv inside the cabinet, make sure you follow our given instructions for a secured attachment. 

          1. Choose a mount with a sufficient motion range in order to cover the tv inside of the media section or cabinet. In that process, a lot of mounts fail and also tilt.
          2. After that, you have to ensure the tv height is suitable for watching.
          3. Then, the middle divider plus shelving must be taken out of the cabinet.
          4. Keep in mind that, the built-in interior side is still dark since the conceal the electrical mess. Additionally, you have to ensure the cabinet outlet in the rear for the power supply.
          5. The best material to paint and attach the right door to fill the gap made by needling to remove your main vertical splitter and was an ideal sized 1/8 inches wood from the shiplap.
          6. For example, you have a living room corner, where a cabinet with an open rear side. Though it's tough to install, you can strengthen it with some plywood to keep the mounting secure.
          7. Using a tv wall mount will benefit you with the articulating arm. You can turn the tv to face forward after lifting the mount to the sidewall of your cabinet. 
          8. Perhaps, the usage of T-nut will not require if you have proper size wood screws.
          9. We highly recommendusing the VESA mounting holes on the back of the TV. 

            Some Additional Ideas On How To Mount A TV Inside A Cabinet

            You can learn more about tv mounting solutions. Except for the process we shared above, you can also follow some other tips to mount the tv inside the media location. Just before following any of these tips, you must first identify the size, height, and weight of the location, as well as the size of the tv.

            1. For instance, when you have 85 cm from the floor, you can put a huge 65" tv a little above the suggested eye level. However, if you're watching from the other side of the room, a tilting bracket won't be required.
            2. Additionally, if you want a rotating cabinet with the LG 40", turn the unit around to face the bedroom and make sure you secure it. At the end of the task, on the flat side facing the living room, add a new mount and hang the flat screen such as 40" LG. You'll understand the mount allows you to pull the tv out and rotate it towards the dining table or couch for any good angle.
            3. If you want to strengthen it, make sure the front panel is pushed from the side. Cabinets that recessed the panel two or three inches have been receiving the front edges pushed out.
            4. You can also use the compact hi-fi rack to be placed beneath the table to make it less noticeable.
            5. Alternatively, you can hide the AV equipment behind the glass or door by decorating with a couple of open shelves for framed photos or with anything that looks good in a cabinet.
            6. One more effective idea is to sand off the surface to install the additional wood like plywood. With this, use the wood glue to reinforce the joint of your cabinet for secure placement.


              We have included some frequently asked questions related tv panel wall mount. Hope this part will answer the common questions that a house owner raises while mounting a tv.

              What do you call a cabinet that holds a TV?

              The cabinet that stores the tv is known as the media cabinet, entertainment center, or tv unit. Generally, it's a type of storage furniture that keep the electronics or media in the living room, bedroom, or entertainment location.

              Which material is best for TV cabinet?

              Commonly, we use glass shelving with metal elements, but a wooden unit will be best for the tv unit.

              Is Wall mounting TV to an MDF cabinet side wall possible?

              Yes, when you tighten it, you can compress the MDF. However, due to the wetness, you should avoid using the MDF on kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

              How do you make a lift cabinet for a TV?

              If you want to build a lift cabinet for the flat-screen tv, make sure you follow the given steps:

              1. Check the TV lift system first.
              2. Then, get the construction plans.
              3. Choose whether you want the hat style or hinge.
              4. Now, get the woods and finishing tools.
              5. Next, construct the cabinet and arrange for the dry fitting of the TV lift system.
              6. Ensure the proper fitting and start spraying, brushing, or wiping to install the tv.

                Final Words

                So, did you learnhow to mount a TV inside a cabinet? If not then you should recheck the given tips one more time. We have included the best tips and advice for mounting the tv inside the cabinet. Since hiding the tv in the cabinet has become a popular decoration idea in your living room or kitchen, then why not you? 

                Just understand the depth of height and weight plus ensuring the screen size will help you to mount the tv. But if you prefer alternatives, we have a console table, tv stand, sideboard, direct drywall attachment idea, or using a tv on the plywood can also be a great choice.