How To Remove TV From Sanus Wall Mount - Every Details You Need To Know

January 23, 2023 6 min read

how to remove tv from sanus wall mount

After applying Sanus wall mount for your flat screen TV, you should have the knowledge regardinghow to remove TV from Sanus wall mountas well. 

Turn the TV off and unplug every wiring attached to it. Lift the TV off the wall mount after unscrewing lag bolts. Unlock additional locks prior to it if there is any. Place the TV on a soft surface. Remove the TV mount bracket and unscrew the wall mount off the wall. 

Let us enlighten you with the simple and easy DIY methods to dismount your flat screen TV from Sanus TV wall mount. You will get a sharp and precise step by step direction in this post. Keep going through!

How to unmount Sanus TV mount

how to unmount sanus tv mount

After having set your flat screen TV mounted on the wall with Sanus TV mount, you might feel like repositioning the TV for moving out of the apartment or for a better view. On the other hand, you might feel like having an upgrade either to the setting or to the TV itself. 

Whatever the scenario is, it requires the knowledge ofremoving TV from Sanus wall mount. Before directly jumping into the process ofhow to take TV off Sanus wall mount,there are a few things you need to keep in mind that we want you to remind you of. 

While dismounting your flat screen TV, you need to consider the size and weight of the TV. Being wide and heavy, the job might need the assistance of a second person. Call in a friend or so for help. 

You will need to have a soft surface for your TV to place after dismounting. Grab a blanket or quilt if the bed is far from your TV placement. This soft surface will ensure that your TV is free from any kind of damage or scratch. 

You must have had the manual instruction for your Sanus wall mount with the product. It is recommended to take a look at the possible troubleshooting and stuff like dismounting process right after buying the product even at first you would only need to know about the installation process. 

But you must be here for not remembering the process vividly or not being able to reach out the manual right now for taking another look. Worry not! Read the following steps and then apply them following your expertise. 

Before getting to work it is wise to grab all the necessary things stuffed within your reach. You might need different sizes of screwdrivers based upon the model. Ensure enough light at your place while performing the job. 

Step 1: Turn off the TV

You should perform the precautionary measures first. Turning off the TV is the very one to avoid any risk from electricity. You need to unplug every wire (any additional player, gaming console, or other accessories) or RCA input cables. Ensure disconnecting them. In case you don’t see any plug, simply turning off your TV will do. 

Step 2: Unscrewing lag bolts

Now it’s time to unscrew the lag bolts of your Sanus mount wall so that you can take your TV off. Firstly locate the top and bottom lag bolts carefully. Then start unscrewing with a spanner or a star screwdriver - whatever appears convenient to you. While unscrewing, make someone hold the TV for you. 

Step 3: Lifting the TV

This is the step when you will lift your TV off the wall. While doing this, you need to put a hand under your device and another on the top. If the TV size is larger for you alone to lift it, get assistance. Hold the TV at both the edge. If you had your securement screw (additional lock), you should unlock it before lifting your TV. After lifting your TV, put it on a soft surface (bed, blanket, or quilt)

Step 4: Removal of Bracket

It’s time to get rid of the TV mount. A TV mount is the thing that is connected to the TV for letting you mount the TV with the wall mount. Use the right spanner or screwdriver to unscrew it. 

Step 5: Get wall mount off the wall

Getting the step 4 done, you have dismounted your flat screen TV from Sanus TV wall mount successfully. But there is only one thing left to complete the procedure unless you were just replacing your TV or the TV mount only. You need to take the Sanus TV wall mount off the wall. Use your screwdriver to get the job done. Simply unscrew the attached screws and remove the Sanus wall mount eventually. 

Additional tips

You should consider undoing the drilled holes at the time of installation. That is the way to ensure that your security deposit for your rented apartment remains intact. Even if it’s your own house, who wants holes popping up on his wall? Therefore, grab a putty knife and put some putty on it. Then press the knife against the holes one by one so that the putty gets inside the hole. Wipe down the extra putty off your wall. Let it dry and then use sandpaper to sand it. 

How to remove TV from Sanus Swivel wall mount

how to remove tv from sanus swivel wall mount

On the occasion of using Sanus Swivel wall mount, you should know the process to dismount your TV from it as well. We are here to cover that as well.

Sanus Swivel wall mount is designed and dedicated to move or turn your TV from side to side. It’s a specific type for getting you a better viewing experience. The steps to dismount Sanus Swivel wall mount are as follow: 

  • Step 1: At first you need to turn the respective TV off either by simply switching it off or pulling out the power cable. And ensure a soft surface nearby you. 
  • Step 2: You might have some other accessories like gaming console, speakers, additional player, RCA cords, etc. connected to the TV. Remove them.
  • Step 3: Then you should start unscrewing the swivel bolts from the wall mount bracket. While doing this, get someone to hold the device for you so that it doesn’t fall off. 
  • Step 4: After that, try tilting the TV to be assured that no swivel screws are left to be unscrewed. Getting the assurance, take off the device steadily from the wall bracket. Get help if needed to remove the TV and hold the TV by placing one hand on top and another at bottom. Place the TV on the soft surface safely.
  • Step 5: All that is left is to remove the wall mount. Unscrew the attached screws and get your job done. (Optional)

There are two different Sanus wall mounting features apart from this Swivel one. They are - Sanus Tilting wall mount and Sanus Full Motion wall mount. Whereas, Sanus tilting wall mount offers you to tilt your TV up and down only, Sanus Full Motion wall mount is the combo of swivel and tilting. Even along with swiveling and tilting, full motion allows you to extend your TV from the wall and retract to the wall. 

Use the previously mentioned ways in terms of getting confused withhow to remove TV from Sanus Tilting wall mountandhow to remove TV from Sanus Full Motion wall mountto get the job done.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you adjust a Sanus wall mount?

Sanus mount is designed with built in screws. These adjustment screws are associated with both the brackets. However, keeping in mind the probable hassle of a customer, Sanus puts a 14’’ hex wrench in the kit box. With the wrench, you can easily reach the screws by climbing upon a ladder (if needed) and adjust them to level your TV. 

Can TV mounts be adjusted?

After getting the installation of your TV done, you might find that your TV is angled. You need a facility to adjust your TV as post installation. And this feature is offered with the mount like swivel, tilt, or full motion. There will be screws for you to adjust your TV to right or left, tilt it up or down, or even feature like Sanus Full Motion wall mount comes with a combo of swivel and tilt. 

Do Sanus TV mounts come with screws?

Simply the answer is yes. Sanus TV mounts come with screws dedicated to attach the wall mount to the wall and to associate your TV to the brackets. 

Final Words

With the aforesaid directions, now you should have no confusion regardinghow to remove TV from Sanus wall mount. Just remain cautious during the process. You don’t want to damage either your TV, the mount adjustment or even the wall.  

However, do consider taking help from an expert. Even after knowing every tiny detail from this post, you might not feel confident upon your expertise. Call in an expert and get your job done in that case.