Installing An Outdoor TV Mount On Vinyl Siding - [A Step-By-Step Guide]

February 04, 2023 6 min read

installing an outdoor tv mount on vinyl siding


Many people set up TVs on outdoor vinyl siding for summer fun and parties. It's a great way for people to have fun together. However, installing outdoor TV mounts on vinyl siding is quite a tricky task.But by gathering the necessary tools, locating the studs, marking the location for the TV mount, drilling pilot holes, attaching the mount to the siding, Hanging the TV on vinyl siding, and with the TV adjustment test, you can easily install the TV mount on vinyl siding.

In this article I will describe the entire process step by step to clear all your confusion. So keep scrolling to learn more.

Things To Consider Before Mounting TV Outside on Vinyl Siding

how to mount a tv to vinyl siding

Hanging a TV outdoors is not that easy. You certainly don't want your TV to get damaged outdoors. There are a few issues that can make outdoor TV mounting risky if not avoided.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is the place. That is, exactly where you want to set the TV on the vinyl siding. Again that place should be protected from sun and rain.

The second issue is the power connection. Make sure that the place where you want to hang the TV already has an electrical connection. If not, you will need a separate extension cord. But care should be taken that the extension cord does not cause harm to anyone.

The third and final issue is outdoor accessories. Whether you're taking the TV outdoors for a party or just enjoying it alone is a factor. Because the outdoor set-up should be the same as your objective.

When these issues are completely resolved, you are all set to mount the TV on vinyl siding.

How To Install Outdoor TV Mount On Vinyl Siding?

mounting tv on vinyl siding

Gather Necessary Tools

Installing a TV mount is not an easy task. You won't be able to install it properly unless you have the right tools. Here are the tools commonly required for installing an outdoor TV mount on vinyl siding.

  • A wrench 
  • A hammer 
  • A drill 
  • A drill bits
  • Screws 
  • A pencil or marker
  • A level
  • Plastic anchors 
  • A socket wrench 
  • Lag bolts 
  • A TV mount

    These tools will not always be in your collection at the same time. So they should be collected in advance. Gathering all the tools means you have successfully completed the first step of your work.

    Locate The Studs

    The next major factor is searching for a perfect location. Because TV will not work without power connection. So you need to find a location that already has a power supply or you can use an extension cord.

    Another matter is a safe space. Where your TV will be safe. You can use a shade cloth to protect the TV from rain. And you can set it somewhere north facing to protect it from the sun.

    Then use the stud finder to locate the studs in the wall where you want to mount the TV. Mark the location of the studs with a pencil.

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    Measure And Mark The Location 

    After choosing the location, the important thing is to measure the size of the mount. The size of the mount usually depends on the size of the TV. And you need to determine where on the vinyl siding it will be best for TV viewing.

    An easy way is to ask someone to hold the TV mount on the wall. Then stand at least fifteen feet away from the wall. Now rest assured that the TV can be enjoyed anywhere without any difficulty.

    Once the location is confirmed, mark the wall according to the mounting holes with a pencil.

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    Drill Pilot Holes

    Once the mounting holes are marked on the wall, now your task is to drill the marking place and find a place to fit the screws. You can use a good quality drill machine for this. It can be a power-connected or cordless drill with a hammer function.

    There are some tips you can follow to properly drill pilot holes. The first step is to select the right drill bit to make the holes smooth and the correct size. Then place the top of the drill in the central position of the marked location.

    Then hold the drill very firmly with your forefinger on its trigger. Turn on the switch and complete the drill. However, holes should not be drilled deeper than 1/2 inch.

    Attach The Mount To The Siding

    The next most important step is to attach the outdoor tv mount for siding. This is important because the mount will carry the weight of the entire TV. So if it is not attached properly it can fall off anytime and damage your TV.

    Place the mount over the pre-drilled hole in the wall. Check if it is placed correctly. Now put the mount aside and take the same number of plastic anchors as the holes. Place them gently in each hole and drive them with a hammer until they fully attach to the holes. 

    Then place the Same amount of screws each screw with a hammer and keep doing this until the mount is firmly attached to the wall. Set each screw like this.

    Now set the mount straight on the plastic anchor and gently place the screw flush with the hole. Now keep hitting the screws with a hammer until it sets the mount firmly against the siding. But care should be taken so that the impact of the hammer does not damage the wall.

    However, some special TV wall mounts for vinyl siding have a bolt-mounting system so they are strong enough to withstand the weight. You can try them also.

    Hang The TV On Vinyl Siding

    mounting outdoor tv to vinyl siding

    Now it's time to hang the TV on vinyl siding once the mount is properly positioned. 

    First, search your TV box. There you will find instruction papers. Read it very well. Instructions may vary slightly by TV. But the TV should be set according to the manufacturer's instructions.

    Many people try to hang a TV outdoors without reading the manufacturer's instructions. That can be risky. Because each company's requirements for outdoor TV mounting may be different. For this, the manufacturer's instructions must be followed.

    Adjust And Test The TV

    Once the TV is set up according to the manufacturer's instructions, you're 90 percent done with installing an outdoor TV mount on vinyl siding. Now you need to turn on the TV and see if it is working properly. That's why you first need to find the TV's power cable and pin it to the previously set extension cord.

    In addition to the power cable, there is an HDMI cable you may need to use as well. These scattered cables can hinder your movement. Therefore, you can attach the cables to the wall using adhesive hooks.

    Note: Generally HDMI cables cannot be used over long distances. They are up to a maximum of 10 meters. So if the distance is longer you need to use an HDMI-to-CAT converter cord. But if your TV is smart and only used to watch Netflix or YouTube then an HDMI cable is not needed.

    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

    Can you hang a TV on outdoor siding?

    Certainly. It's a great way to party in summer or any occasion. The task is not too difficult. However, you will need some tools and set up the TV according to the manufacturer's instructions. Besides, the TV should be protected from direct rain and sun.

    Is it OK to screw into vinyl siding?

    It is better to drill into vinyl siding when the weather is warm than cold. Because if the vinyl siding is quite old, it is more likely to be damaged in freezing temperatures. For this reason, the siding can be warmed with a hot air dryer before drilling.

    What should not be used on vinyl siding?

    Do not use strong scrubbing agents like chemical solvents, concentrated chlorine bleach, nail polish remover, furniture polish or liquid grease remover, or cleansers on your vinyl siding to prevent damage to the siding's protective surface.

    Final Word

    Installing outdoor TV mounts on vinyl siding can be a DIY project with the right tools and preparation. It is important to choose a mount that is specifically designed for vinyl siding and to ensure it is securely anchored for safety. 

    By following the manufacturer's instructions and taking necessary precautions, you can successfully enjoy outdoor TV viewing from the comfort of your own home.