Outside RV TV Mount Ideas - Recreational Vehicle TV Installation

February 22, 2023 8 min read

outside rv tv mount ideas

A recreational vehicle also known as an RV, is a motorized or self-propelled vehicle used as a living space during any overnight activities particularly when you travel. So, curiosity comes to your mind to mount the tv outside the RV. But you don’t have theoutside rv tv mount ideas. Therefore, this article will tell some great ideas about tv mounts on the outside along with the proper installation process.

In general, proper wiring and plumbing with self-tapping screws might be required for placing the tv outside the RV. For mounting tv, we usually follow the ideas such as forest river rv outside tv mount, full motion support rv tv mount, under or inside cabinet mount, ceiling mount, and more.

However, any boring trip can be much more exciting if you can install tv entertainment on your RV with tv mount. So, keep reading to know how to mount a tv on the RV, and make sure you follow the considerable facts we included below.

Can Tv Mounts Be Used Outside?

In order to get entertainment outside the house, you can use a tv mount. But it's not a good option since TVs are costly and delicate devices. But if it's for a temporary mount like during any trip to enjoy tv on your RV, then it's completely fine with proper mounting.

There could be some indoor variants of tv made of rust-resistant metal and exterior covers. However, you should neglect using conventional tv and tv mount since they don't have weather-proof protection features that are convenient outside.

Can I Use A Regular Tv Mount For Rv?

No, you shouldn't place a standard TV mount on your RV. Though it's possible to mount the tv, it only includes extra pressure and might damage it while driving.

However, if you plan to place the tv outside your RV, you'll require a generator or inverter to provide power to the ac outlet while it's not plugged in. Furthermore, as the tv lacks a lock mechanism, you should detach the tv just before you start traveling.

What Kind Of Tv Mount Should I Use For An Rv - Considerable Facts

tv mount for outside rv

Not every TV mount is ideal with the RV. Actually, Finding tv mounts for RV exteriors is quite difficult since there are some restrictions while mounting a tv. Therefore we have some considerable facts which can help you to determine the right one according to your need.

Size of TV

First, everyone should check the space on the RV because the placement requires a specific amount of space. It will be informed by the RV which type of mount to employ. For having mounting limitations, any TV larger than 20-22" is considered not the ideal one. Therefore, look for the thickness of the TV that matches your RV. 

Weight Limit

The weight of your TV is identical to its strength. The walls of the RV are not specifically made of strong elements like the way house walls are made. As a result, lightweight tv can be comfortably kept on the wall of an outside RV.

Typically, we check the material chosen for the RV's inside and ensure the weight capacity. Additionally, the weight of the mounting bracket is another big consideration. Anyway, we found most of the RV TV mounts are designed to keep less than 55 lbs.

Flexibility of Mount

Another crucial factor is the flexibility that we should never overlook when installing the outside camper tv mount. You might need to reposition your RV-attached tv for the watchers, for viewing location, or maybe due to changing the direction for sunlight. 

The brightness caused by the surrounding bright light makes it troublesome to see the screen so you should pick a rustic area that can be comfortable on your screen. The best time you can see the image more clearly is during the evening.

So, how about purchasing a flexible tv mount to keep everything controllable? It would be much better! But make sure you incorporate a good viewing angle adjustment system without affecting the stability.

Type of Mount

Since various mount types are available so you can pick from:

  • Full motion that has swivel arms to let you adjust the TV in multiple directions to get the best view.
  • The ceiling mount can allow you to fold the TV. up and out.
  • And The Stationary mount helps to keep the tv in one place securely.

    Proper Installation

    A faulty mount can cost a lot of money if it falls and gets broken. Without proper installation, everything will fail so installing properly on the outside or using an extension cord on the RV is what you require. 

    Mounting System

    The VESA mounting system is thought to be the best system to utilize. To ensure the tv and mounts are operating together, VESA is there for you! Commonly a small TV has a VESA of 100mm X 100 mm. It says the distance between screw holes and aligns with the mounting hardware. Also, we would like to advise you to use 100-foot and 50-foot coax cables to attach the outside tv to any location in the campground.

    Affordable TV Mount

    Not everyone can afford the high-quality tv mount for the outside RV. So, you should choose the most cost-effective one that has some extra strength to carry the tv.

    How Do You Mount A Tv In An Rv - 10 Simple Steps

    how to mount a tv in an rv

    Mounting a tv in an RV is quite straightforward. If you want to learn, you have to go through the given steps. Before that, you should gather all the tools first.

    Tools That You Need

    So, what are the tools that will help you to mount the tv outside? Let’s check it out!

    • Proper size screws and bolts.
    • Lag bolts.
    • A level.
    • A stud finder.
    • A socket wrench or screwdriver.
    • A drill.
    • Drill bits.
    • A marker or pencil.
    • Wall mount.
    • A friendly hand.

      Step-By-Step Process

      So, it’s time to follow the steps for installing a tv with rv tv mount. Take note that every single step is crucial to follow!

      • Step 1:First, choose the RV outside the tv mount bracket. Better if you choose a spot near the power outlet.
      • Step 2:Then, select the TV mount based on the size and weight of your flat-screen entertainment device.
      • Step 3:You should place the tv flat down on a secured surface. Using a thick, soft cloth or blanket can keep the screen safe. Then, figure out the exact position of the tv by holding it up to the wall.
      • Step 4:After that, mark the location of the TV with a pencil or painter's tape.
      • Step 5:Keep in mind that discovering the stud is required! Now use the stud finder to identify the studs. Make sure they are centered and be careful while drilling since you might miss the stud and hit the vent or pipe. You can also use magnets to find the studs.
      • Step 6:Use the level to confirm installation while they keep the mounting bracket to the spots. 
      • Step 7:Additionally, note the pilot holes before removing the mount from the RV wall and then you should drill out those holes. Note that, more holes indicate more chances of delamination. Hence, before mounting, make sure all the screw holes are covered.
      • Step 8:The next work is to attach the mounting plate.
      • Step 9:The leftover work is to mount the tv on the bracket 
      • Step 10:And end up connecting the power cord to enjoy the tv while on the trip.

      Outside Rv Tv Mount Ideas - Ideas And Installations

      rv outdoor tv ideas

      So, it’s time to share the best tv mount ideas for the RV. As you were wondering how we should set the tv outside, below we have the popular ideas you can try on a trip or outside the house.

      Outdoor Mounting

      You might love to expect any tv outside of your RV. But outdoor mounting is a tricky task sometimes as all the TVs are not intended to be friendly with the environment. Therefore, you should pick a tv mount that can be disconnected and safely stored while not in use. We suggest using a dual tv mount or exterior rv tv mount to enjoy the tv channels near the hillside while on a trip.

      We took a query from the forum site where the RV owner wants to know what exactly it requires when using the external side of the 2020 Freedom Express 192RB for installing a tv outside to take in and out for viewing when camping.

      Forest River Rv Outside Tv Mount

      Finding the appropriate outside rv tv mount is quite difficult. Presently, RV manufacturers install the mount in the bedroom or on the second flat-screen tv so that they can take it to carry and take it outside to link to the mount. Possibly it's a PAWs system so you may have to modify it to match the mount.

      Forest River RV TV Mount is amazing for outside mounting. Additionally, Winnebago or Jayco is not to be overlooked. But commonly we mount the tv to reduce the boredom situation by detaching the cables, lifting them, and inserting them into the pre-installed female tv bracket on the camp area sidewall.

      Regrettably, the mound brand is not genuine and all of them come from a third party. As a result, you have to match the mount that is compatible with your TV.

      5 Additional Advice About Installing TV With Outside Camper

      1. If you can place the flat screen tv in the basement location, open the cellar door to ensure the tv gets proper shade.
      2. Make sure you don't disturb the nearby neighbors while enjoying the trip with your RV by watching tv outside. Rather you can go camping in large groups in an area which is secluded.
      3. You can use a tilt or arm bracket with 2 Kebloc mounts.
      4. Ensure the placement and dangling cords.
      5. Instead of a TV mount, you can get an inexpensive LED projector and hanging screen system. With this idea, you can even get an 85" screen view under the shades.


        You actually read the article to get your solutions. We already talked about all the common ideas plus the installation process. Additionally, some common Q&A sections are included to clarify more facts regarding the tv mount ideas.

        Do RVs need special TVs?

        Any brand of the tv can be compatible with the camper or RV. But you'll need a strong mount to keep the tv. So, whether you need 12 volts or 120 volts, determine the sturdiness first.

        What size TV fits in an RV?

        Weight and size do matter in the case of installing anything on the RV. Generally, you should not go larger than a 43-inch tv model. Because usual RV TVs are 19 or 27 inches and some of them are 14 to 17 inches monitors frequently feature built-in systems.

        How much weight can an RV TV mount hold?

        Any 55" flat tv can hold up to 77 lbs. But we commonly see the PAW style TV mount in most RVs that limits within 30 lbs or less.

        Wrapping Up

        So, we hope you have got enough ideas when you decide to go camping and enjoy nature by watching tv outside the RV. However, if you follow the outside RV TV mount ideas and the installation process, your trip will be much more exciting for sure. 

        Before that, make sure you consider all the facts like monitor size, weight capacity, flexibility, ideal mount types, and particularly the accurate installation. Additionally, you should not forget to carry all the tools while mounting the tv with the right tv mount on your RV. Hope this article has given enough ideas regarding the RV TV Mount.


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