Single Stud TV Mount Weight Limit - Capacity For Mounting

March 05, 2023 6 min read

single stud tv mount weight limit

We use metal or wood studs as a vertical frame. The ideal process for putting the TV on the wall is to screw it into the studs. But before that, you should know the capacity of the stud while mounting the tv. So, do we know anything about thesingle stud TV mount weight limit? Most of us don't!

In general, the mount is compatible with 26" to 55" TVs with a maximum bearing weight capability of 100 lbs. Additionally, 80 pounds is thought to be the optimal weight limitation for only one stud. By following the weight limitation, you can easily mount the TV on the stud and dry-lined plasterboard walls.

If you want to learn more about the television weight limitation of one stud, check the entire article. Additionally, we will tell you how you should mount the tv with one stud. So, let’s get started!

Can You Mount A Tv On A Single Stud?

single stud tv mount

Definitely, you can attach the tv to a single wood stud. But make sure it's under 80 lbs. when one stud is utilized since larger ones require 2 or more studs.

If you employ one stud, you'll get additional flexibility, more organization, and freedom in the room. However, a stud finder can be a good thing to discover the studs on the wall near the planned location.

For instance, you must be curious to know, if you have to mount the 80" tv with only one stud available, what should you do? Therefore, you have to fasten the plywood piece in a rectangular shape and place the tv mount on top. 

Is One Stud Enough To Mount A Tv?

is one stud enough to mount a tv

As mentioned earlier, when the weight capacity is less than 80 pounds and the stud is 16", a single stud is ideal right in the middle. If you choose the corner to mount the tv on the wall where the center is not necessary, the single stud is enough.

The majority of tv wall mounting jobs require one stud with four toggle bolts graded at least 90 pounds each and 2.5" lag bolts on the stud. If you need to place a 32" tv above the computer desk, the bolts should be in the center so that it won't break the edge of the plywood.

On the other hand, you have a few toggle anchors on the corners. The tv weighs around 55 pounds and the mount weighs 15 to 20 pounds. Therefore, if you are inclined to utilize the 3/4" plywood plus 1x material to cover the space between studs and mounts. 

Are Single Stud Tv Mounts Safe?

Typically, the plasma tv will be kept strong with some screws placed into the stud underneath the sheetrock. However, you should attach the flat-screen LCD TV to the stud rather than utilizing a hollow wall anchor.

To make the tv securely lifted, make the holes in the proper size to accommodate studs. Therefore, you have to use a sharp drill bit for precise holes. Remember, the location of the right side of your stud is crucial. Also, If the decision is to mount the tv in the kitchen or near the fire, you have to keep the tv at a distance.

Besides that, for the full motion single stud wall mount for any tv like 49 inches Sony 900f, you will need the right sizer hole and bolts that should be properly fit rather than over or under-tightened.

How Much Weight Can A Single Stud Tv Mount Hold?

We already mentioned the weight limitation of the single stud. But it may vary from stud to stud. Also, choosing the best single stud for the mount is not that easy to pick. So, we have some clarification based on different brands and models of a stud.

  • A single stud tv mount can support up to 80 lbs. of TV weight where the tv can be up to 65".
  • If the tv is a 55" LCD or LED model, the weight possibly is 30 lbs.
  • For the sake of security, dual studs can support up to 132 pounds.

    Single Stud Tv Mount Weight Limit - 10 Considerable Facts

    single stud tv wall mount

    Basically, the weight of the TV is mounted on the drywall. While mounting a television on the wall, the stud is a gift that helps to mount. However, if you're trying to find out how much weight one stud can support, make sure you check out the facts we are mentioning below.

    1. Installation of single stud tv mount necessitates expert hand.
    2. Based on where your studs are located plus how many you want to put into while adding into the wooden stud, you'll require a single or dual stud mount.
    3. With a distance of around 16" between studs, it requires the horizontal bracket to attach.
    4. Remember, most of the houses have studs spaced at 16" and others might be around 24" apart.
    5. For being adaptable and stable, a single stud for a tv mount is enough.
    6. A wooden object like a stud is basically used to drive the screws or nails to fix.
    7. Wall plus roofing weight is carried by the stud.
    8. The studs keep the drywall from showing any fractures.
    9. Always remember to locate the stud with a 2-inch width and make the hole larger than the tv using measurement.
    10. We discovered the width of the wall is about 1".

      How To Install A Single Stud Tv Mount - 10 Steps to Follow

      how to mount a tv with only one stud

      While mounting or installing a tv, you will only identify one single stud if sliding the stud finder across the wall. Therefore, you'll probably need two lag bolts. You have two different options: fixed single stud and adjustable single stud. But we need the mounting technique with one stud. So, let's have a look at the steps.

      1. Use small nails that have been driven in to pinpoint the stud's edges and center.
      2. Now, you can get the hardwood plywood sheet in the ideal height and width to conceal the tv under.
      3. The mounting sturdiness will be ensured by a 2x4 piece of plywood.
      4. This will allow multiple pre-drilled-out lag bolts to be inserted into the stud's center.
      5. After that, make sure you glue the plywood into the place against your drywall and use a bolt into your single stud.
      6. We highly recommend not mounting it on your house drywall as using the full motion mount will make the load on bolts double or triple.
      7. Also, we suggest using toggle bolts to fasten them to the studs. 
      8. Light switches or electrical outlets also need to be identified on the drywall.
      9. If you decide to run wired behind the wall, you should install PVC pipe to ensure the replacement is easy and the cables will pass through without any trouble.
      10. Remember, the torque on your wall anchor will lift around three times and end the mounting job by fastening the tv mount to the plywood.

        Can You Mount A Tv Without A Stud Finder?

        If you look for an alternative idea instead of drilling into the stud,  drywall bolts or anchors can be a great option in front of you. So, get the hollow wall anchor with a butterfly toggle. Additionally, lifting the tv from the ceiling is another option if you lack the studs in the wall.


        Here comes the Q&A part shared for the home designer who was trying to mount the TV with one stud. The frequently asked questions will let you know more information about thebest single stud tv mount forinstalling the tv on the wall. 

        Can you mount a 65 inch TV on one stud?

        Surely, you can mount the 65" tv, but you have to ensure safe lifting which necessitates the use of a stud. For this, ensure the screw goes at least 2" into the single stud.

        Can TV mount damage studs?

        Possibly your TV mount may damage the walls. In general, the wall mount needs drilling holes into the stud where the TV weight can cause the studs to be weakened. Hence, while the holes weaken the fibers, it's not that serious at all.

        How much weight can a stud anchor hold?

        Studs are commonly 16 to 24 inches and are located behind the drywall. However, a single stud can carry 80 to 100 pounds at best. But it's possible to increase the weight according to the number of screws you use.

        Can I mount a TV stand on drywall on only one stud?

        Absolutely but you need at least 1+ for the precise screw length. Or more specifically, you might need to use 2 screws or lag bolts to carry the weight and drywall anchors on the inside holes to level it.

        How do you calculate stud load?

        You can calculate the stud load by doubling the total wall length in feet by 0.75 for 16" on center stud spacing. If it's about 90 degrees, include 3 studs or for the 45-degree corner, 4 studs will be ideal. However, for every panel contact, we usually add 2 studs.

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        Bottom Line

        So, whenever you decide to mount the tv with a single stud, make sure it’s above 80 lbs. But if the case is about dual studs, it will keep more weighty objects. Following the mounting process we included will help you to affix the tv securely. 

        Basically, it’s not about the single stud TV mount weight limit, rather it’s about your tv screen size, weight, and the drywall or plywood you select to mount the LED TV. Therefore, ensure the weight capacity. Alternatively, a hollow wall anchor or ceiling won’t be a less effective idea to mount the tv.