TV Mount Stuck To Wall - Remove It Without Breaking Anything

January 17, 2023 4 min read

tv mount stuck to wall

TV mount stuck to the wall is quite a common phenomenon. It happens especially when the TV was on the wall for a long time. But don't get afraid. We are here to help you.

Depending on the model you are using, the process for removing the stuck TV mount can be different. But the basics are just 4 steps. Remove wiring, get rid of the lock, remove the TV and remove the wall mount.

Here we tried to discuss the possibility of getting stuck. Read the post to know how to deal with the situation.


How To Remove A Wall Mounted TV

how to remove tv mount from wall

The easiest and safest way to remove a wall mounted TV is described here step by step. Go through the following.

Step 1: Remove The Wiring

When we say to remove the wiring we mean, you disconnect the power of the TV along with the other connected devices like Play stations. Keep the wiring away, so that, while working on unmounting wires don't create hazards.

Step 2: Remove The Lock And Tilt The TV

Most of the TV mounted on the wall had a safety lock. For some TV it is just a Snap and lock, in other cases you need to use a string or screwdriver to take out the screw.

Look at the manual, to make sure what type of lock your TV has. These locks are quite easy to deal with once you find how they work.

After dealing with the lock, try to tilt it. This will help to know when you need to take off the TV.

Step 3: Remove The TV

Once you have taken care of the lock it is time to remove the TV from the wall. For this, depending on the size of TV, you will need help from someone.

The TV must be taken off from all sides at a time. Thus in case you can't handle both sides at a time, it is suggested to ask for help and coordinate with them.

Step 4: Take off The Mount Bracket And Wall Mount

Once you have taken off the TV from the wall then you need to take off the wall mount stuck to wall and also the mount bracket if necessary. For this, all you need is a screwdriver.

If you want to use the Wall mount again, make sure you take it off delicately. Otherwise, due to long time use, it might be jammed. And forcing it to open might break it off.

Same goes for the mount bracket. Just using a screwdriver you can take it off.


TV Wall Mount Won't Release

tv wall mount wont release

Depending on the model of the TV wall mount, you might face difficulty in removing it. It is mostly because of the lock.

We have identified 3 main reasons for the TV mount stuck to the wall. Here are the reasons and their solutions.

1. Having Lock

Not all the locks for TV mounting work the same way. Sometimes you can have string locks. In that case, you need to pull the string to get the lock off.

Again if it's a snap and lock system, you need to find the key to pull or push it. Doing that will release the lock.

On the other hand if the lock is based on a screw system, then you need to release the screw to lose the lock.

2. Got Jammed

Mostly the wall mounts are made of metal. When the TV is hanging on for a long time, there is a probability that it has got stuck. In this case, you cannot force it open. You can end up breaking your TV.

Try oiling the parts. That way, if any stain or oxidation causes rust, it will get removed.

3. TV Mount Stuck To Wall Paint

In case the mount is already stuck to the wall, then there is no saving from it. But you can definitely prevent this from happening. Try using butter paper or wax paper on the wall while setting the TV mount.



Frequently Asked Questions

What are some drawbacks of mounting a TV on your wall?

Mounting your TV on the wall may likewise make it challenging to get to ports that are typically always located in the rear of the television. And most wall mounts come with a low profile. So there won’t be much space between the television and the wall. This means it will be quite difficult to connect anything to the TV.

Do wall mounts damage the wall?

On the off chance that you are unknown with mount establishment, you can make more harm to your walls than is required. For instance, while introducing a Drywall anchor, in the event that you fix it to an extreme, you can harm the Drywall fundamentally.

How to get rid of screw stuck in TV mount?

In this case try using rust penetrate to get the rust loosen up. If you don’t have this, you can use any facial or cooking oil. Try to spray it on the screw and then give some standing time. Thus, it will come off.

Final Words

Getting TV mount stuck to the wall can be frustrating. Especially if you are moving. If you follow the given 4 steps properly then hopefully you will be able to move your TV easily.

It is always suggested to keep the manual of the mount. That way, you can easily find out how the lock works and deal with it in no time.