TV Mounted Between Two Windows: How To Do It

January 28, 2023 6 min read

tv mounted between two windows

In recent days every home has a pattern. Even people living in small apartments want to have beautiful decorations. They also target to make the best use of the spaces and work likewise. 

Tv mounted between two windows ensures the use of the wall between the windows. Also it helps in centralizing the windows by making the couch facing them. You can even put a fireplace below the Tv and create an aesthetic look. 

The concept is very organic and tries to enhance the beauty of your room. In this post we tried to focus on theliving room Tv between the windows.But these are applicable to the bedroom or any other rooms also.

How To Mount Tv Between The Windows

mount tv between windows

Mounting the Tv between the windows is nothing different than mounting it on a normal wall. But still you need to follow some pointers to get helped with the job being done.

Step 1: Measure The Wall And The Tv

While placing the Tv on the wall between the windows you need to measure the width of the wall and the width of the Tv. You should try not to overlap the wall size. 

It is suggested that there should be a gap of 6 inches on both sides of the Tv from the windows. This protects your Tv from dust and rain splash. 

In case you might need to overlap the windows, in that case, if the windows have slide shields, your Tv can still be protected. Otherwise it can cause hazards. 

Step 2: Look For The Stud

Using the stud detector, find the stund in the wall.  Then make marks, so that you can take measurements to ensure where you can make the drill. 

Step 3: Choose The Size Of Lag Bolt

Using lag bolts for Tv mounting is better for safety purposes. For Tv mounting, M4. M6 and M8 size lag bolts are suggested. But you can go upto M12. 

The size of the lag bolt that needs to be used for wall mounting is determined by VESA code. But unfortunately not all brands follow the standard. 

In such a case, either you need to consult an expert or decide yourself which one to use.

Step 4: Put The Tv Mount On The Wall Between The Window

After deciding which lag bolts size you need, do the drilling in the wall and put the mount up into the wall. Use more lag bolts if needed. 

Some mount brackets are larger in size than the width of the Tv. It is for adjustment purposes. As between the windows you have limited space, try to make sure that it stays along the wall.

Step 5: Install The Tv

Once you get done with the mounting, check if the mount bracket is ready to hold the weight of the Tv. Check on the fittings properly. After the safety is ensured, you can now install the Tv into the bracket and enjoy the entertainment hub. 

Benefits Of Mounting Tv Between Two Windows

can you mount a tv between windows

If you are indecisive about where to mount the Tv, and you have an open space between the windows, then you have come to the right place. Take a look at the benefits you can recieve, in placing the TV between the windows. 

Using The Space

In most cases, especially in medium to small apartments, you can barely use the spaces between the windows. You cannot put heavy furniture in between, if you put small stands, the wall stays empty.

Putting the tv on the wall between the windows helps to make the maximum use of the space. Putting the tv on that small wall opens up the larger walls to decorate.

Using The Natural Light From The Windows

Many people don't like watching Tv in the dark, it is not even healthy. In that case, if you put the Tv on the opposite side of the window or anywhere the light falls directly, it becomes difficult to see the Tv.

Placing the tv between the windows resolves this problem. Here the direct light doesn’t fall on the screen and you can use daylight to avoid darkness.  

Can Use The Window Blinds To Control Lights

Even if you don't like bright light while watching the Tv, you can easily use the blinds to control it. And putting the tv between the windows increases the effectiveness. 

With the window blinds you can increase the light behind the Tv and create a comfortable environment for your eyes. 

Helps To Centralize Your Windows

In general, the couches and the furniture of living rooms are facing towards the tv. If you have a beautiful outdoors to look at through the window, you will want the windows to be centralized. 

Putting the Tv between the windows gets this deal done. You can centralize the windows without decentralizing the tv. It allows you to enjoy the window looks and the Tv. 

Things To Know While Putting Tv Between Windows

wall mount tv between windows

In modern days, it is quite difficult to say which type of windows you have. You can have a living room with 90% windows. Or an apartment with just two corner windows. 

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Here are some tips and tricks that can help you to put your Tv between or in front of the windows no matter which type of windows you have.

Customized Entertainment Stand

There are several types of entertainment stands that can be manufactured. This option allows you to put the Tv on the wall in between or in front of the window without drilling into the wall

You can design thesetv stands between windows and still maintain the look you want for your living room. 

Ceiling Mounting

When there is barely any wall or no wall between the windows then ceiling mounting is a practical option. Here only thing that you need to ensure that the Tv is not so high that it pains the neck of the watchers. 

Need Electric Ports

Availability of electric ports near your TV is very important. Especially if you have a smart Tv connected to other hardwares. Then multiple ports are needed. If the wall has a port, then you need not to worry. Otherwise, you might need multiplugs with long wire. 

Cooling Device

Whenever you are putting tv in front of the windows, due to direct sunlight, overheating becomes an issue during summer season. The solution is actually very easy. You just need an A/C or fan to keep the room cool. Then the Tv will stay cool.

Adding Window Tints

Adding window tints helps to control the lighting of the room. If you are planning to make the room dark for a movie night or game night or a movie afternoon, then these tints come handy. Using tints and blinds will create the darkness you want. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Should TV go between windows?

Try not to put the tv directly opposite to a window, particularly one that points toward the west. You need to eliminate the degree of glare and how much light gleaming on the screen however much as could reasonably be expected.

Where should you mount your TV?

LED televisions are made in a way that you will have to watch them straight in front. So, you’ll want to wall-mount your television straightforwardly before your viewing region. And if you have mounted your television in a corner or unbalanced from your ideal seating region, consider utilizing a full-movement television section so you can point the television to have a superior view point.

What are the disadvantages of mounting a TV on the wall?

Wall mounting may likewise make it hard to get to ports at the rear of the television, since most wall mounts are low profile and keep next to no hole between the television and the wall. This could likewise make issues in associating gear to the television, or will require exceptional links to do as such.

Final Words

Tv mounted between two windows is not a new concept but people nowadays are more leaned towards this concept. The process is very easy and comes with some benefits of utilizing the wall and the space.

The mounting process is quite similar to mounting in a normal wall. But you will need to be cautious about the measurements.