What Size Tapcon For Tv Mount Is Ideal

February 13, 2023 6 min read

what size tapcon for tv mount

When it comes to installing a TV mount in the wall of brick, concrete, or wall of similar texture, tapcon screws are your way to go. As tapcon is used for harsh walls, therefore, what size tapcon for TV Mount you choose plays an important role.

The size of the tapcon can vary depending on the wall and the TV, including the mount. The standard size of the screw is 4.8 mm and 6.4 mm. You can hang from 680 lbs to 1670 lbs. 

In this post, you will get a complete idea of the size of the tapcon screw. You will know which size to use for what purpose. We will also try to provide you with the tricks and instructions for the installation process. 

What Is Tapcon Screw

tapcon screws

Tapcon screw is designed to have a strong grip on rough walls. To use the screw, you will need to do a pre-drilling. The screw is designed in a way that it will tap a thread into the hard wall. 

The installation process is not difficult; rather, it is quite convenient than any other screws but technical. It might seem the size of the screw is smaller than the other type of Wall mounting screw. But the grip it creates due to threading enables it to hold a heavy-weight Tv mount

Types Of Tapcon

types of tapcon

There are mainly two types of tapcon screws depending on the shape. Both are used in the installation of TV Wall mounts. But which one to choose depends on the material of the wall. 

The two types of tapcons are discussed here in brief.

1. Hex- Head Tapcon Screw 

Hex-head tapcon screw works as an anchor in the wall. The underhead ribs give the support it needs. The supports make it easier to install into brick walls and other walls of similar texture. 

There are several types of screws to install Tv mount into the wall. But hex-head tapcon screws are used in brick walls, concrete walls, and bricks. 

The screw has a coating that ensures that it doesn't break off the head due to rusting. 

2. Star Head Tapcon Screw

The start head tapcon screw is used for more smooth installation. The structure of the screw doesn't let the bit slip during work. These give a more smooth finish than the hex head. 

With the star head tapcon screw, you can install it in furring drives, plaster, and studless drywall.

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How To Choose The Size Of Tapcon Screw For Tv Mount

tapcon screws for tv mount

The size of the tapcon screw for the TV Wall mount depends on the weight of the tv. Even though the size of the TV is getting slimmer and slimmer with the development of Technology, the weight is still proportional to the size of the Tv. 

The larger the screen size is, the heavier the TV is. Here we tried to show you a way of choosing the size of the Tapcon screw depending on the total weight of the Tv and the standard Tv wall mount size. It is actually the amount of weight the tapcon screw can hold.

The Ultimate Pullout In Concrete

Anchor Diameter 

Depth- 1"

Depth- 1.25"

Depth- 1.5"

Depth- 1.75"

4.8 mm

650 lbs

870 lbs

1090 lbs

1460 lbs

6.4 mm

800 lbs

1340 lbs

1820 lbs

2380 lbs


Ultimate Shear In Concrete

Anchor Diameter 

Depth- 1"

Depth- 1.25"

Depth- 1.5"

Depth- 1.75"

4.8 mm

720 lbs

800 lbs

860 lbs

990 lbs

6.4 mm

1360 lbs

1370 lbs

1380 lbs

1670 lbs


Ultimate Shear Or Pullout In Hollow Block

Anchor Diameter 

Anchor Embedment 

Ultimate Pullout

Ultimate Shear

4.8 mm


340 lbs

730 lbs

6.4 mm


500 lbs

1000 lbs


Types Of Wall You Can Use Tapcon For Tv Mounting

what size tapcon for tv mount in brick


If you want, you can use a tapcon screw on any wall you want for a tv mount. But tapcon screws are used in tough walls due to their threading and holding ability. Here is the list of walls that tapcon screw is an expert in. 

Brick walls 

On Brick walls for TV Mount, you need to use screws that do not wear away. With this wall, screws need to hold onto themselves and create an anchor. With a tapcon screw, you get this grip. Also, the harshness of the installation doesn't let the heads snap off from the screw.  

Also, the star head screw works better on the brick wall. Otherwise, in the installation process, the hex-head can cause irritation by slipping off. 

Mortar joints

Motor joints at the gap between the bricks in a wall. This is one of the best places to use a tapcon screw. This is the grip of the screw. Also, by taking off the mount from the wall, you can easily mend up the hole in the joint with cement. 

Concrete walls 

In concrete walls, it is suggested to use hex-head tapcon screws. You can use the hammer option on the drill to input the screw into the wall. Using the tapcon on the concrete wall reduces the chances of the bit slipping during the installation process. 

Block wall 

Block walls are often very difficult to penetrate and hold the grip of a TV mount. Tapcon screw does the work perfectly. It has the exact threading to hold onto the wall of the block and hold into the weight of the TV and the mount. With the block wall, it is suggested to use hex-head tapcon screws.

Carefully choose the drill bits so that it doesn't damage your wall by slipping off the screw. 

How To Use Tapcon For TV Mount


tapcon for tv mount

The installation process of tapcon for TV mounting is easy but technical. For this, you need to have the right tools. Go through the following instructions to smoothen the installation process.  


  • Drill bits
  • Drill 
  • Tapcon Screw

    Step 1: Determine Where To Install The Mount

    The first thing to do in the installation is to determine where to install the TV mount. If you are working with brick walls, then try to find the mortar joint. You can also work on direct bricks on the brick wall. Therefore try to mark where you want to install the TV Mount ahead of installation. 

    Step 2: Do The Drilling

    With tapcon screws, you need to drill the wall ahead of actually installing the screw. You need to use the hammer drill with the hammer setting. 

    Now while doing the drill, make sure you make a hole one-fourth inch deeper than the screw itself. This creates the necessary friction into the screw and helps it to attend to the grip. If you want this screw to work as a perfect anchor, then this technique is a must.  

    Step 3: Clean The Drilled Hole  

    Once the drilling is done, you need to clean the drill hole with an air buffer. You can also blow out the dust. It is a necessity that before putting the screw into the hole, there is no dust or debris left.

    The presence of dust and debris creates unnecessary friction. This results in the decay of the screws. Also, this loses the grip that the screw was intended to provide.

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    Step 4: Put The Screw  

    After completing the cleaning process, it is ready to install the mount with the Tapcon screw. In the drill machine, turn off the hammer setting and choose the right bits. Any wrong size bit will let the screw slip off during installation. 

    Once the mount is installed, you can anchor the TV into the mount, and you are good to go. Tapcon will bear all the weight if installed properly.


    Can I use Tapcons to mount TV?

    With regards to mounting a television on walls other than drywall, one expects to utilize the ideal equipment that anyone could hope to find. With Tapcon screws and anchors, your television mount will be safely fixed to the wall. You should simply follow our simple aide and make a point to get unique Tapcon materials.

    Do you need a hammer drill for Tapcons?

    The opening should be penetrated utilizing a sledge drill with a carbide-tipped piece satisfying ANSI guidelines. A piece that fulfills ANSI guidelines will guarantee that the opening measurement will meet the prerequisites of the Tapcon.

    Why are my Tapcon screws breaking?

    Any implant more prominent than 1-3/4" may bring about the lead string being worn to the point that it might presently not have the option to cut the base material. In the event that this occurs, the tapcon will never again enter the base material. Proceeded areas of strength that will cause the tapcon to sever or shear.

    Final Words

    Once you understand the technique of the tapcon screw, the whole installation process becomes easier. With this post, you know what size tapcon for Tv mount seats perfectly.   

    Before anything else, you need to understand that you're working with screws and rough walls. Thus it is very important to care about your safety. Wear safety glasses and gloves. This will reduce the scars. 

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