Heavy Duty Full Motion TV Wall Mount

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Phoenix Mount Full Motion TV Wall Mount 1

Fits Most TV's Sizes 32" - 70"

Why This Full Motion TV Mount?

This mount is meant to save space and provide the room with an aesthetically appeasing ambience - All the while provides a peace of mind knowing that the TV is up safe as well as secure.

Perfect for any surface. From drywall to stone. From bedroom to above the fireplace in your living room. From outside covered porch to a concrete reinforced wall in your basement. THIS mount is the the ONLY mount you'll need for optimal viewing pleasure.

Once professionally installed, this is the mount that will make your setup the talk of the neighborhood!

Full Range of Articulating Motion

View that expensive TV of yours from a multitude of angles when company's over (or not). Push it in or out, left to right, and side to side with ease. Made from cold rolled steel the hinges that hold this mounting system in place will provide limitless movement potential without wearing down the parts over time.

Although, a lot of our customers who buys this tend to not move it often, they will definitely have the options in case they need it. Especially when updating devices for the future, adding or removing wires behind the TV, etc.

Phoenix Mount Full Motion TV Wall Mount 2

Safe & Secure Design

Made from cold rolled steel and not manufactured (recycled) steel, this mount will never lose its integrity over time. For years to come it till hold the TV up without any issues. The reinforced allows it to handle not only up to 110 lbs, but most TV's 32" to 70" in size.

Did you also know that because of the full motion capability it is able to handle the heat that your TV could potentially give off? We always recommend using these mounts because it simply allows the TV's to "breathe." It's an excellent hidden feature not many know about.


Protect your investment for years to come by getting this quality full motion tv mount today!


 *Professional installation strongly encouraged. Not all surfaces are created equally. If not professionally installed, a good stud finder and tools are your best friend. Some additional parts may be required.

Customer Reviews

Based on 135 reviews
Joe S.
This TV mount met all my expectations 👍

This TV mount met all my expectations, relatively easy to mount, sturdy, and versatile range of motion 👌

Peyre T. Lumpkin
Nice wall mount for my 55” Samsung

Good value. The directions for installation were a little too simple, but I was able to do it in about 45 minutes. It moves easily and seems well built.

Cheap and Durable

I purchased this mount back in July for my 65” TV, i LOVE it! i turn the TV to prep and cook food in the kitchen or to face it towards my dining table, straighten it out for the living room and it looks great at all angles! I got a “professional” to mount it which can explain why i don’t have issues with the TV being crooked but overall it is durable and functional. I wouldn’t expect the TV to turn as much as you would think if it is larger, my tv only turns so far before it hits the wall but otherwise it’s great.

Johnny Moreno
Solid TV mount that is well reinforced and easy to install

I used this for a 70inch bedroom TV. The range of motion is very good. Not only do the mounts hold larger televisions, but they allow them to tilt, slide and telescope. Very satisfied.

Extremely well built.

This has to be the best TV mount we have ever bought. I was really very impressed by the quality. And the range of motion is really good. It was very easy to install. Packaging, instructions and accessories included were very good too.