Super Slim Tilt TV Wall Mount

Tilting TV Wall Mount

    Designed for most 37''-80'' flat panel and curved TVs with a maximum weight of 45kg/99lbs. Super Slim design sits just 0.79" from the wall. Simple construction ensures a quick and easy installation. Open architecture provides increased ventilation and easier access to wires. Tilt design for better viewing angle. An automatic spring lock helps TV brackets snap into place for extra safety. 
    • Compatible with most TVs from 37" to 80"***
    • Load Capacity: 99 lbs
    • Tilt: 8-degree tilt downward
    • Low Profile Design: 0.79" from wall
    • Open Architecture: provides increased ventilation and easier access to wires
    • Automatic Spring Locks to keep your TV locked in place
    • VESA Compatible:200x200,300x200,400x200,300x300,400x300,400x400,600x400
    • Mounting Hardware Included

    ***To see if this mount will attach to your TV simply measure the distance between your mounting holes on the back of your TV (width x height) and if the distance between the holes is 24" x 16" OR LESS then this mount will attach.

    Super Slim TV Wall Mount

    super slim tv wall mount

    If you're looking for an affordable yet stylish HDTV wall mount system, look no further than the Super Slim TV Wall Mount. This slim design holds your television as close to the wall as possible, creating a custom look. The spring loaded clips lock your TV into place and cable connection is easy and quick thanks to a release draw cord. To learn more about this mount, read on. You'll soon see why it's the best choice for your home theater.

    SANUS LL11 HDPro(tm)

    The LL11 super slim TV wall mount is the perfect solution for mounting ultra-thin flat panel displays. The LL11 is compatible with most common wall stud sizes (up to 16 inches) and is capable of supporting up to 150 pounds. After installation, the LL11 has quick-release tabs that remain hidden and allow for post-installation height and leveling adjustments. Additionally, lateral shift features allow you to adjust the TV left or right to be mounted in off-center studs.

    While shopping for a slim tv mount, do some research on the internet to find the best one. The internet has many resources that can help you with your purchase, both in person and online. Do a search for the product you're interested in and read some user reviews. This will help you narrow down your choices and make a more informed decision. Lastly, try searching different stores to find a SANUS LL11 HDPro(tm) super slim TV wall mount.

    With a sleek design and innovative features, the Sanus LL11 HDPro(tm) offers smooth tilt and 57-degree left and right swivel. The mount's unique fluid-motion feature allows for easy cable access and post-installation adjustments. In addition, the LL11's quick-release tabs allow you to remove your television from the wall plate without having to remove the screen.

    VideoSecu low-profile mount

    The VideoSecu low-profile TV wall bracket is designed to fit televisions from 37 to 70 inches and 165 pounds. It has dual arms that allow it to span over twenty-four inches from the wall. The mount includes an extensive assortment of mounting hardware, including a seven-foot HDMI cable. The brackets can be mounted into two standard wood studs, which is sixteen inches apart. Unlike most other wall mount brackets, the VideoSecu MW370B features dual arms that allow it to span a TV over twenty-eight inches.

    The VideoSecu low-profile TV mount is ideal for those looking for an affordable and flexible way to mount a television. It offers multiple viewing angles for optimal viewing. The mount is well-made and durable. It fits most televisions, including the Samsung, LG, and Panasonic models. This mount also supports Vesa mounting standards. This mount is a great choice for your home entertainment center, so you don't have to sacrifice space or quality to fit your new TV.

    The VideoSecu ML531BE is a best-seller on Amazon. It features a low-profile design for most flat panel displays and supports all VESA mounting standards, including odd sizes. Its heavy-gauge steel construction can hold 165 pounds. Its open design allows you to easily route cables, and the mounting screws keep your TV securely in place. You'll be happy you made the decision to purchase this TV wall bracket.

    Installation is easy with the VideoSecu low-profile TV wall bracket. You need to locate a wall stud and attach the bracket to it. Generally, you won't need a professional to install the VideoSecu low-profile TV wall mount. Unlike other types of mounts, these ones can be installed with a minimal amount of tools. Moreover, these wall mount kits usually come with everything you need to install the bracket.

    OmniMount OE150T

    For the best in style, sleekness, and functionality, the OmniMount OE150T tilt TV wall mount bracket is an excellent choice. This slim-profile mount matches the highly stylized form of most large-format displays. This mount is also powerful and graceful, and is ideal for home theater enthusiasts who want to display their new television with style. This mount features a wide range of motion, including swivel, extension, and tilt down up to 70 degrees with a 32-inch display.

    Several mounts allow for tilt adjustment, which is important for the best viewing experience. The VMPL50A-B1 has a nice range of tilt, which gives you some extra inches to plug in your component. Some mounts offer a little more tilt, but the difference is not significant. You can adjust the tilt tension on larger TVs with a hex wrench, which can be difficult with some mounts.

    Another option for a slim TV wall mount is the Sanus VLF728-B2. Its long extension arms make it possible to pivot your television from side to side. Most TV wall mounts have short extensions that limit the pivoting motion. The VLF728-B2 mount arms retract 2 inches from the wall after installation. Its slim profile makes it ideal for rooms with limited space.

    An adjustable tilting TV wall mount is also an excellent choice if your room is small. It allows you to adjust the angle of your TV without having to rearrange the entire room. Choosing the right one will allow you to optimize your viewing experience. Its adjustable tilt allows you to change the angle of your screen, which is a great feature if you have a small space or are working on a tight schedule.

    AVF JXPL601-A

    The AVF JXPL601-A is a super slim TV wall mount that fits most TVs from 37 to 90 inches and 132 pounds. This unit features universal VESA compatibility and can be used on any solid wall, including wood studs spaced anywhere from fourteen to twenty-four inches apart. It comes with all the necessary mounting hardware, including screws, and includes installation instructions.

    AVF JXPL601-A is a super slim TV wall mount that fits most popular televisions from 37 to 90 inches. Its universal VESA compatibility allows it to fit almost any room, and it is ideal for solid walls with wood studs spaced between 14 and 24 inches apart. This unit has a tilting feature that lets you adjust the screen to eliminate glare and improve viewing angles, particularly when mounted above eye level.

    The AVF JXPL601-A features a slim, fixed design that blends seamlessly into any room's decor. Its sleek profile sits only seven inches from the wall, making it easy to match with a variety of decors. The unit's 1.7-inch-wide gap is only 7.87" high, making it perfect for many modern homes. The MegaMounts fixed wall black TV mount can accommodate televisions up to 70 inches. Its slim design also allows it to minimize air flow around the equipment.

    AVF's JXPL601-A super slim television wall mount can accommodate 26 to 55-inch flat panel TVs. Its low-profile design makes it easy to mount in a corner. And since it has multiple viewing positions, it can accommodate up to six televisions. The AVF JXPL601-A super slim TV wall mount is the perfect addition to any room.


    One of the best sellers on Amazon is the VideoSecu ML531BE TV wall mount kit. This full-motion TV mount is an excellent choice for many reasons, from its low price to its versatility. It is available in different sizes, ranging from twenty-two to fifty-five inches, and comes with an adjustable level for post-installation use. It is also capable of tilting, swiveling, and rotating the television for maximum viewing range.

    The VideoSecu Super Slim TV Wall Mount is a stylish yet functional choice for those with a small space and a sleek design. This mount is suitable for televisions up to 75 inches in size, and supports VESA mounting standards of 100x100 to 400x400 (16" W x 16" H). Its steel construction and wide wall plate make it the perfect choice for homes with small or average sized rooms. It includes all the necessary mounting hardware and allows for cables to be run through it.

    Unlike most other mounts, the VideoSecu Super Slim TV Wall Mount comes with step-by-step instructions for installation. It can be installed on single studs, making it easy to find a good placement for your television. Its removable TV plate is made for a single-person installation. Despite its slim size and slim design, VideoSecu's quality makes it one of the most affordable wall mounts available.

    The VideoSecu Super Slim TV Wall Mount is designed to mount a television up to 132 pounds, which is about the size of an average-sized flat screen TV. It supports TVs up to 75 inches in diagonal and 132 pounds in weight. It's a solid choice for both wood-stud and concrete-walled rooms. It also has an option for selecting the best TV antenna for the viewing experience.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 46 reviews
    Good and great price!

    It came with everything! Worked for us as we dont really use a range of motion! We installed a 50 inch vizio!

    Very sturdy!

    Been only having it up for a few weeks and they were easy to install 70 inch

    Miguel Gonzalez
    work great

    Low price and works just like the expensive ones from others

    Readar Riena Heng
    Easy to install

    Really good it holds up my 47 inch tv with no problems I’ve had it for almost 2 months now

    renee hinojosa
    Great product, very sturdy

    Great value, worked great for my daughter's 50in led TV.