Electric Motorized Ceiling TV Mount


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PhoenixMount PM-880 Electric Motorized Ceiling TV Mount


  • Save space and keep tidy, our electric ceiling mount will do the hard work so you can sit back and relax. The PhoenixMount PM-880 - series electric motorized TV brackets are designed to offer convenience and versatility. The storage position gives back your precious space so you can have the freedom you deserve.
  • Electric motorized tv bracket, using the supplied remote you can lower the TV to the viewing position and then lift it to the storage position.
  • Compatible with most 50"-65" TVs up to 30kg in weight and with VESA size between 600x400 and 200x200
  • RF (radio) remote control, always works even when the bracket is NOT directly in the line of sight.
  • Tilt Up & Down 75°, 6° Level Adjustment, and Height Adjustment
  • Mounts to both flat ceiling and vaulted/ pitched ceiling, made from heavy-duty steel, powder-coated
  • The minimum distance to the ceiling is 100mm/3.9" (excluding the thickness of your TV)

Motorized Ceiling TV Mounts

When buying a motorized ceiling TV mount, it is best to consider the following factors: price, capacity, adjustability, and features. While choosing the best one for your home, make sure you test it before you buy it. It may make clunking or robotic sounds as it moves from position to position, so test it out before leaving home. A motorized mount can also free up more space in the room, allowing you to use the remaining space for seating and other purposes.


You can choose a motorized ceiling TV mount based on your needs. It has a simple design and supports most types of TVs, including flat and curved screens. These units have a strong motor to make them stable and versatile. They are also designed to fit almost all types of ceilings, including flat and curved ones. The following are some of the most popular features of these motorized ceiling mounts.

They can also be used with a ceiling pole and flip-down TV mount. This is perfect for homes with high ceilings as it allows you to safely and securely mount your television above the floor. This mount requires eight inches of space above the ceiling, but is well hidden when not in use. They come without a cabinet enclosure, which keeps the moving parts of your television safe from any foreign objects. These products also help you create more space below the TV.

Another benefit of a motorized ceiling tv mount is its ease of use. Users can adjust the height of the ceiling mount with one hand, while the motor can be operated by one. It can also automatically reposition the screen for a better viewing angle. Another feature of a motorized ceiling tv mount is its headlight attachment. Those with headlamps have an advantage over other users in a dark room.

Another feature of a motorized ceiling TV mount is that it can be programmed to retract into a flat position when not in use. Another advantage of this type of TV mount is that it allows the TV to be positioned anywhere within the room without taking up valuable wall space. The screen can be set anywhere from a twenty-four inch to sixty-four inches. It is also compatible with most types of television, ranging from 23 inches to 55 inches.


A motorized ceiling TV mount is an essential tool for any organization. Not only do they make it easier to mount your TV, but they also make it much easier to assign tasks and keep track of progress. This type of tool also helps you communicate with your team in real time, and safeguards sensitive information from loss or theft. Read on to learn more about the advantages of using a motorized ceiling TV mount. You will be glad you did.

The capacity of a ceiling mount depends on how heavy your TV is. Most ceiling mounts are capable of supporting 60 to 70 pounds, but some may go up to 120 pounds. Make sure to check the weight capacity before buying a motorized ceiling TV mount. Motorized tv mounts have heavy duty brackets that make them a great choice. You can control how much visibility you want your TV to have and even set the hours that you watch.

This type of ceiling mount has a 75-degree tilt range, making it perfect for homes with irregular seating arrangements. You can even use it in RVs and boats. The TV will stay out of the way when not in use. It also comes with a remote control, making it perfect for tight spaces. Although it cannot swivel or tilt, it is still a great choice for people who want to mount a large television in a tight space.

Another motorized ceiling TV mount is the TechOrbits OF-M54. This model supports television screens of up to 55 inches. It is compatible with VESA mount patterns and works on both sloped and flat ceilings. It also provides the ability to easily adjust the angle of your TV without any trouble. The lift system is sturdy and will help you save on space while increasing the viewing experience. Motorized ceiling TV mounts are also a great option for large rooms and public venues.


When looking for a new TV mount, you should be aware of how much adjustment is available. Depending on the brand and model, you can choose a model that adjusts from 20 to 55 inches, giving you plenty of options. Many of these models even have memory functions that allow you to recall the position of your television when you are not using it. This type of mount is especially useful for those with very high ceilings.

A motorized ceiling TV mount should fit into the space where it is installed and be highly adjustable. This is especially important because its weight and size will affect how easy it is to work with it. A lightweight model is less visible and more comfortable to use, while a heavy one can be cumbersome. Keep in mind that lighter models are also less durable, so be careful when purchasing one. Always make sure to test it before leaving it in a room to make sure it works.

Another feature that sets a ceiling mount apart is the ability to control the angle of the television. The PhoenixMount PM-880 is an electric motorized ceiling mount that can support a variety of screen sizes from 42 inches to 70 inches. These models are compatible with most common mounting patterns, including flat, sloped, and pitched ceilings. And the best part? They can also adjust to fit most standard-sized TVs.

Unlike many ceiling-mounted televisions, a motorized mount can adjust the angle of the screen, giving you the best viewing angle. The PhoenixMount PM-880 ceiling mount also comes with a motor and an IR remote that can be controlled from the remote. The mount has memory settings and can be programmed to remember the viewing angle you choose. It will also let you hide the television against the ceiling if needed.


There are many features to look for in a motorized ceiling TV mount. One of the most popular is a flip-down design that offers space saving functionality. The PhoenixMount PM-880 motorized flip-down TV mount features an RF remote with memory settings. The mount tilts flat or pitched surfaces for out-of-the-way safety. Depending on the mounting surface, it also tilts to a slanted or flat position.

The type of bracket should match the location of the television. If it's mounted higher than eye level, non-tilting brackets will not be suitable. Fixed low-profile brackets are not advisable if the television is mounted at eye level. For this purpose, the table above provides a guide to the different types of brackets available. Aside from the cost, the contractor can recycle the old television and charge a fee of $50 to $75.

A motorized ceiling TV mount can be of many types. There are different styles and brands to choose from, but most have two main components: the lift motor and the TV frame. A sturdy metal frame supports the television and is installed with a bottom plate to make it flush with the ceiling when the bracket is lifted. In addition, these types of TV mounts are typically cheaper than motorized ceiling TV mounts and have fewer moving parts.

A TV mount can be used for many purposes, including in the home, RV, and boat. Its motor can keep the television out of the way when not in use and can be controlled by a remote control. Because of the reliability of the motor, these types of TV mounts can be used in confined spaces, which are often very small. They feature a powerful motor for smooth movement and are often compatible with most types of television screens.

Proper placement

Motorized ceiling TV mounts have heavy-duty brackets to hold your TV up. This allows you to adjust the height of your television, as well as the folding and swiveling motion of your screen. The motors allow you to control your television's visibility, and you can set the viewing time and schedule. Motorized mounts also allow for a variety of settings, including volume control.

Before you install your TV ceiling mount, make sure that you have a solid ceiling joist. If you do not, the mount will likely fall to the floor, damaging anything underneath. To avoid this, purchase a stud finder, then use this to locate the stud. Once you've located the stud, you can attach the mount to the plate using the previously removed screws. Be sure that there is at least 15mm of clearance between the top of the TV and the ceiling when it's fully lowered.

Before installing the motorized ceiling TV mount, you should measure the space where you'd like to install it. The space between the ceiling and the TV should be big enough to accommodate the TV's weight. Amount should be within the range of the motor's movement. If you have a low ceiling, you can also install a pull-down ceiling mount. The latter is more versatile and can be installed in tight areas.

It's important to choose a motorized ceiling TV mount based on the size of your television. VESA mount patterns are standard and allow the unit to adjust to the pitch of the ceiling. Choose a model that fits your space and your needs. Remember, you'll never regret your purchase. The internet is full of helpful guides that make it easier for you to decide which motorized ceiling TV mount is right for you.

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