Full Motion Corner TV Wall Mount

Full Motion TV Wall Mount Corner 32 36 37 40 43 46 47 50 52 55 60 65 70 LED LCD


1. Fits most 32-70" TVs
2. Large extension capability is ideal for entertainment center installation.
3. Tilt, swivel, and extend / collapse function
4. Easy tilting angle adjustment
5. Heavy-duty steel construction and high-tech welding technology
6. Built-in bubble level makes leveling work easy and convenient
7. Includes all necessary mounting hardware

1. Brand: LEADZM
2. Model: Teds-104
3. Type: Mount
4. Supportable Display Size: (32-70)" / (81.82-177.8)cm
5. Tilt Range: -10~ +12°
6. Max VESA Mounting Pattern: 600 x 400 Mm
7. Distance Between TV And Wall: 82mm-570mm
8. Load Capacity: 110lb / 50kg
9. Material: Cold Rolled Plate
10. Surface: High-Temperature Paint Piano
11. Color: Black 

Package Includes:    
1 x TV Wall Mount    
1 x Standard Hardware Kit (The Screw Kit Is Standard. Don't Make Sure Fit All The TV Models. Please Buy One Kit If Don't Fit)    
1 x User Manual

How to Install a Corner TV Mount

If you're looking for a new place to put your TV, consider buying a corner TV mount. These mounts are sturdy and can be used both in commercial and residential environments. They are especially useful for commercial spaces, where they can accommodate larger displays. Be sure to check the size of your display when you buy one, though. These units can fit TVs with display sizes of 37 to 65 inches. Listed below are a few things to look for.


When you're looking for a new place to mount your television, consider a corner TV mount bracket. This is one of the most efficient solutions for placing your television. It allows you to extend the left and right sides of the TV so that it fits in the corner perfectly. The corner mount bracket also offers a 180-degree swivel, so you can move your display to any angle you desire. In addition, it can accommodate a limited amount of weight.

If you'd like to watch your favorite shows from the kitchen, installing a corner TV mount can make it easy. However, it can also be dangerous for children. Even if you're an adult, you can't always be sure if your child will reach the TV. If you're worried about your toddler knocking over the TV, a corner mount may be your best option. A corner TV mount won't be a distraction for toddlers, and it won't be knocked over by their toys.

One corner TV wall mount from Mount Factory is a universal fit, suitable for televisions ranging from 30 to 65 inches in size. It has dual wall plates to optimize the space available in a corner. It also has 180-degree swivel and a VESA of 100 x 100 mm. And it can be installed in just three steps. The multi VES Corner TV Wall Mount comes with all the necessary hardware and installation instructions, making it a versatile and convenient option for mounting your television.

Another corner TV wall mount is the FOZIMOA Full Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket. This option offers complete installation support and a 5-year warranty. Its build quality is much superior to other products on the market. The TV mount also holds up to 130 pounds of weight. Those who want to mount their TV without using any tools should opt for this corner TV wall mount. The FOZIMOA Full Motion TV Wall Mount has all the features of the other products, but at a cheaper price.

While corner TV wall mounts may seem insignificant, they are much more advanced than they appear. They do a lot more than just hold your television in place. In most cases, corner TV mounts come with full motion, swivel, tilt, and rotation capabilities, which allow you to enjoy your TV from various angles. A corner TV mount that offers these features is a great alternative to a conventional television stand.

Rotation/Tilting capabilities

The Rotation/Tilting capabilities of corner television mounts can vary depending on the type of wall you have and the size of your TV. Some models can tilt as much as 10 degrees in either direction. Others offer 90-degree swivel, allowing you to easily adjust the position of your TV for all viewers. The Perlesmith corner TV mount is designed for corner installations, and is compatible with brick, concrete, and wood studs. It has two holes to drill, and is compatible with VESA patterns that range from a quarter inch to a full inch.

The MOUNTUP rotating TV mount has a single-stud design that allows you to corner mount your TV using just one stud. This type of mounting solution is great if you don't have an extra stud in the wall or don't want to mess with drywall. It can also extend your display as far as 17.2 inches, which is about eight degrees less than Nick Lachey's cameo.

The FORGING MOUNT corner TV wall mount has two positions that allow you to adjust the angle of the TV while watching it. The FORGING MOUNT Corner TV Wall Mount is a great solution for people with tight corners and limited space. It can support a TV between 32 inches and 65 inches, and offers rotating/tilting capabilities that you'll appreciate. You can tilt and swivel the TV for the best viewing angle, and it also supports a variety of TV models.

Besides offering versatile viewing positions, the Corner TV Wall Mount offers a weight capacity of 44 lbs. It has 115 degrees of tilt, 180 degrees of swivel, and a 19.7-inch full extension. The mount is made with latest engineering technology and tested extensively in a factory overseas. Because of its superior build quality, the Corner TV Wall Mount is a great buy.

Aside from its flexibility, corner TV wall mounts also offer great aesthetic appeal. Some of the highest-quality models can support a TV up to 99 pounds. Others offer adjustable heights for greater viewing comfort, while the Vemount Corner TV Wall Mount is budget-friendly and comes with many features. It also has a level adjustment mechanism and works on concrete and wood studs. Its VESA mounting system ensures your TV will remain steady even after it is rotated or tilted.

Space-saving design

A corner TV mount bracket is one of the most efficient ways to place your television. This bracket can support a wide range of TV models and is sturdy enough to support a hundred-pound display. In addition, the space-saving design of a corner mount will save you space and make your room look more appealing. The best part about a corner TV mount bracket is its flexibility. You can swivel and move your TV back and forth to suit your needs. You can also use this mount for large displays.

The space-saving design of a corner TV mount allows you to enjoy your television from all angles. A corner mount is ideal for rooms with an open floor plan. This configuration will allow you to enjoy your favorite programs without having to move other furniture and accessories. Moreover, it won't interfere with the look of the rest of the room. You can even place it next to a door to maximize your space. And because it's placed in a corner, it will not block any of the other areas in the room.

You can choose a corner TV mount with shelves to keep your cable box or Blu-ray player. This type of mount also offers space for other electronics such as DVD players, games, and more. A corner mount can also help you hide cables and create a clean, clutter-free appearance. A corner mount is also the most cost-effective option. A corner TV mount can support several hundred pounds. If you have a small room or are trying to make your living room more comfortable, consider a corner TV mount for your TV. You'll be glad you did.

Another great benefit of corner television mounts is their flexibility. Adjustable mounting angles make it possible to adjust the angle of your television for optimal viewing. With this type of mount, your television won't get knocked over by a friend or by the sun. And you'll never have to move any of your furniture, put up blinds, or remove any of your decor to fit your new TV. So, why wait any longer? Take advantage of this space-saving design today!

Easy installation

Before attempting to install a corner TV mount, it's helpful to plan the placement of the TV. Be sure to locate the nearest power outlet and cable connection. The TV should be placed at eye level and the center of the screen should be at least four inches higher than the floor. Use two or three people to do the work - one to hold the television and another to mark the TV's placement. The final step is to attach the bracket and television to the wall.

An easy installation for corner TV mount can mean installing the TV without professional help or the need for a stud wall. Easy installation can also refer to the ability to make changes to the mount while it's installed. Some corner TV mounts don't require any wall holes, which can make installation even easier. Easy installation for corner TV mounts should also be robust enough to keep your television in place and prevent it from falling. If the mount is made of inferior materials or isn't sturdy enough, it may collapse under pressure and cause the television to fall.

After you have connected the bracket and the TV, it's time to attach the TV to the wall bracket. Once you have the wall bracket in place, you can attach the TV by lifting it to the required height and adjusting the television's angle. Once you've completed the process, you'll have a great new corner TV mount. With the right installation skills, the bracket should be ready to go in no time.

Setting up a corner TV mount will maximize your home theater room space and guarantee that everyone will have the best viewing experience. Make sure you research your options and learn the process beforehand. If you want to avoid any hassles, check out ITOD, an ITOD brand, for your corner TV mount needs. You'll be glad you did. The installation process should not take more than an hour. And you'll be happy you chose a corner mount!

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Wow, i am impressed!

I love it, I was surprised how sturdy it is. Soooo cheap and it’s amazing! I couldn’t find this size anywhere else. Holds my tv perfectly.

Alicia Taylor

This product is a little confusing at first but once you get it, it’s great! Personally, I used toggle bolts to hold up my 55” TV. Works great I love it!

Susan P. Henry
Does What It’s Supposed to Do

Works fine. Supports television securely. It will support very large TVs. I actually got this for my 34" flat screen. It will hold a much larger one. It does its job well.

Gabby Jones

I love this it was worth it!!!

Katie Wilson-Barge
Corner Mounting Made Easy

I really like this TV mount because it is so easy to install and allows us to mount our TV in the corner of the room (the only place it will fit). It was a great price and works just as described. I would absolutely buy again if I needed another corner mount (or even just a regular mount). Absolutely recommend!